“Gubadagnebit” of the “Turkmennebitonumleri”: stable and reliable operation

As the results of work for the four months of 2020 showed, the specialists of the “Gubadagnebit” enterprise of the “Turkmennebitonumleri” General Directorate continue to supply the consumers of the Dashoguz region with oil products stably and reliably.

Among the main tasks of the enterprise are ensuring trouble-free production activities, safe working conditions for workers, stable supply of automobile fuel to the population, checking the completeness of fire equipment at gas stations and warehouses, as well as minimizing the environmental impact.

During the reporting period, the high-quality use of modern computer solutions was established, which allows six gas stations to operate around the clock and smoothly. At the gas station network (No. 47, 124, 150, 152, 170, 172), a non-cash method of payment by electronic cards has been introduced. This modern type of settlement, based on the use of the latest technologies, helps to improve the quality of service, convenience and efficiency for users.

The “Gubadagnebit” enterprise also has a special transport fleet, which includes KAMAZ-65115 cars with a carrying capacity of 10.5 tons, as well as ZIL-433362 for the transportation of petroleum products, etc.

The introduction of advanced technologies, modern technical equipment and a production base, the extensive experience of employees are the key to the success of the “Gubadagnebit” enterprise of the Turkmennebitonumleri General Directorate.


Source: Nebit-Gaz