Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gives utterance to the prospects of Turkmen � Belarusian economic partnership

During Turkmen � Belarusian high-level talks with participation of the official delegations in Ashgabat, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov estimated the condition and prospects of bilateral economic cooperation.

Supplies of Belarusian automobiles and tractors to Turkmenistan are among long-term direction of this cooperation. Only for 2010 � 2016, more than 5 500 units of vehicles of Minsk Automobile Plant to the amount of more than 400 million US dollars were delivered to our country. Approximately the same amount of equipment and spare parts are delivered to Turkmenistan from Minsk Tractor Plant.

For quality and timely service of reliable and efficient Belarusian equipment, the construction of multifunctional service centre is carried out in Ashgabat.

Number of new directions are developed together with Belarusian partners. This is about the supply of cargo rail trucks, road equipment and elevators.

Turkmenistan is interested in the practices and technologies that Belarus has in such branches as chemical industry, agro industrial complex, food industry and processing of fruits and vegetables. Our country is willing to increase cooperation in such spheres as electrical technology, pharmacy, communication.

In its turn, Turkmenistan repeatedly expressed the willingness to diversify its supplies to the Republic of Belarus and increase the export of textile and light industry.

There are serious opportunities for cooperation in international transport communication. Both countries establish strong transport and transit infrastructure. Objective necessity of use of these factors for more active involvement of cooperation in North � South and East � West directions into Eurasian transport and transit vector with the entry of Eastern and Central Europe, Baltic Region and huge markets of the Middle East and South Asia.

In this relation, the Head of the State spoke for the reasonability to analyse together opening perspectives and outline the parameters of joint strategic planning based on comprehension of universal economic trends where transport gains more decisive importance.

Turkmenistan is also willing to joint development of different schemes and forms of partnership in energy sphere for supplying of Turkmen energy carriers. The interests of two countries objectively correspond in this sphere and there are prospects of long-term cooperation.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper