Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov put actual tasks in front of the economy of Turkmenistan

On the enlarged meeting of the government, held on Wednesday, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov described the results of economic development of the country in the first quarter of 2018 and put actual tasks on the near term.

- The results of the first quarter of the current year demonstrate that the economy continues to evolve in accordance with provided programs. GDP growth steadily is maintained at the level of 6,2 percent, " said the President.

- Compared to the corresponding period 2017, thanks to the implementation of the programs for the production of import-substituting products, we have increased volume exported products on 14,2 percent. And the volume of imported products reduced almost 40 percent. On 9,3 percent also increased volume wage - said the Head of state.

Also, it was reported that currently in the country continues construction more 1600 large objects totaling more 42 billion US dollars. About 99 percent of them erect domestic of the company.

- All provided in the first quarter of objects industrial and social purpose introduced in stroy, " said the President. - Among them � more than 150 thousand square meters housing, including the house superior, large glass the company in Ahal region, international airport in the Turkmenabat city, railroad Serhetabat-Turgundi, recreation and health centers, kindergartens, as well as other objects social destination.

- In accordance with the plans continues to work on reform spheres of education and science, modernization manufacturing industries, is the transition to a market economy - said the Head of state.

The president also stressed that is a large-scale the development of the oil and gas fields, the construction of the pipeline, TAPI, preparatory work on the implementation of other international projects. Continues the construction of a major industrial complexes for the production of urea and ammonia, gas chemical complex on the issue of polyethylene and polypropylene. Implemented and other projects using advanced achievements of science and technology.

The President also stressed that thanks to a wide state the support of the private sector of the economy, active involvement of entrepreneurs to implement the industry reforms in the first quarter of increased the number of new individual companies compared to the same period 2017. In the structure of GDP the proportion of non-state sector of the economy grew and currently is 63,1 percent.

- Overall us achieved satisfactory indicators, but, as you know, the situation in the world economy remains complex. And in such a difficult conditions we have a lot and dedicated to work, " said the Head of state.

- Need to continue intense the development of sectors of the economy, not associated with oil field is today our main task - said the President. - In this regard, should give extra momentum state programs for the production of import-substituting and increasing amounts exported products. Effectively need to use a huge opportunities available in a variety of industries.

- In early may we will enter in stroy large sea port on the Caspian sea. The completion of the construction of the port gives us an opportunity output ports in a sea of other states ensure a regional transit cargo - and passenger-transportation, said the Head of state.

- This year we are completing the construction of a large gas chemical complexes in Kiyanly, as well as in Ahal region- said the President. - Data complexes will provide an opportunity in no time to establish the production of polyethylene, polypropylene and other products, significantly increase the volume of exports. Leaders of the oil and gas complex now should prepare for these prospects, find consumers and to conclude with them of the contract.

- All leaders must continue work to create import-substituting enterprises, in particular, the joint with foreign firms, and, at the same time, to increase the volume of exported goods � said Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

- In our country a lot of natural resources that you want intense pace to recycle and enter in the industrial turnover, " said the President. - In this activity should widely to attract the Union of industrialists and entrepreneurs, in addition, you need to create a certain benefits for such companies.

- We have to pay special attention to the oil and gas complex and agriculture, to look for a new types of work for the normalization of their activities - said the Head of state. - Think is advisable to discuss the issues of the development of agriculture on the Halk Maslahaty with the participation of elders and representatives of the public.

In the fields of science, education and health need to spend a large-scale reform, based on the best world experience, to continue the preparation of highly skilled professionals and young scientists in all directions and industries, said the President of Turkmenistan.

Source: Nebit-Gaz