Head Coach of kurash team Olimjon Hayitov highly estimates the chances of wrestlers to win

Turkmenistan national kurash team has final training session in Gyokdere before Ashgabat 2017 Games.

- We have been to many countries this year but it was not that good like here, - Olimjon Hayitov, the Head Coach of national kurash team says. � We conduct our final and important trainings, which are to define the best wrestlers, under warm sun in the mountains.

Honoured Coach of Uzbekistan and kurash world champion accepted the offer to train our sportsmen for these important competitions. Having started intensified training under his coaching in the April of this year, Turkmen kurash wrestlers have been perfecting their technique and developing a unique wrestling tactics. The coach pays special importance to the training of high morale and determination merits of the sportsmen.

According to sports observers, the sportsmen from Uzbekistan, Iran and Tajikistan will be the main opponents of our men team that is consist of 14 men. Women team, which includes 16 girls, will have to compete against the athletes from Uzbekistan, Thailand, Taipei and Mongolia.

Senior Coach of Turkmenistan kurash team Murad Kurbanov distinguished three out wrestlers who form the backbone of the team. There are silver prize winners of the previous Asian Games in Incheon Muhammet temirov (73kg), Serdar Jumiyev (81kg) and Ayna Jumakuliyeva (57 kg).

- We take all efforts to hoist our green flag higher than others at the competitions of Ashgabat Games, - senior coach says. � Our primary goal is maximum number of gold medals.

The coach also spoke about the youngest members of our team. these are high school graduates Gozel Karimbayeva (78kg) and Yulduz Adizova (87kg) from Lebap as well as Anna Dmitriyeva (87kg) from Mary. Yulduz is Turkmenistan champion in judo and kurash and Anna is a Vice-Champion in the same disciplines.

Young wrestlers are full of enthusiasm and determined to win the competitions. Having been training hard, they entered the last stage and ready to fight for the gold.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper