Head of CocaCola representation in Turkmenistan dies

The head of the Cocacola office in Turkmenistan, Gektug Gezitok , died in Ashgabat , Radio Azatlyk reports .

An obituary in connection with the death of a company representative was published in the Turkish newspaper Hurriet. Placed obituary company Cocacola Icesek circumstances of the death of his representative does not comment. The date and reasons are also not specified.

According to radio sources in Turkmenistan, Hektug Gezitok committed suicide in Ashgabat.

It turned out that the director of the Ccacola representative office committed suicide by throwing himself out of the apartment building of the Oguzkent hotel, a source told Radio.

The Ashgabat hotel "Oguzkent" confirmed what happened.

According to some reports, Gektug Gezitok in Turkmenistan had financial problems related to the company's activities in this country.

Recall that in connection with the crisis for the Turkmen companies, including for CocaCola, restrictions on currency conversion were introduced . Due to problems with the import of the necessary ingredients, in 2018 the company had interruptions in the production of the drink. Whether the company's financial difficulties are related to the death of Hektug Gezitok is unknown.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan