Heavy snow falls in Yuqori Tupalang National Nature Park

Even though the severe winter cold has receded, the territory of the Yuqori Tupalang National Nature Park, in Surkhandarya region, is again covered with white snow.

According to Nuriddin Sattarov, Director of the National Nature Park, the snow depth in the park with unique flora and fauna is on average 20 centimeters, and the air temperature has dropped to 5-7 degrees below zero. Necessary biotechnical measures are being taken, wild animals and birds living on the territory are being cared for. In the National Nature Park, covering an area of 27,851 hectares, you can meet such animals as a mountain goat, wild boar, bear, wolf, lynx, squirrel, fox, porcupine, rabbit, snake, monitor lizard, red marmot. The park is also home to rare species of birds and fish.

Source: Press Service of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan