High rates of cotton harvest campaign are kept in the Amudarya Valley

All efforts of cotton harvest campaign in Lebap Velayat are aimed to finish it as soon as possible. Timely agricultural activities on 120,000 hectares of cotton fields, sowing of the most adapted cotton species as Yoloten 7, S-2606, Ash-37 allowed farmers growing good yield of this valuable agricultural crop. The farmers of Lebap velayat plan to deliver 300,000 tons of raw cotton to the state.

Great attention is paid to machine harvesting, which significantly improves the efficiency of the campaign reducing the manpower. More than 200 harvesters work these days in the fields.

Farmers of Hojambas etrap are the leaders in the cotton harvesting. They are followed by the cotton growers of Darganata and Khalach etraps, where high rates of the cotton harvesting were observed from the first day of the campaign.

Thousands of the farmers of the Amudarya Valley has fulfilled and exceeded their contractual obligations. There are many cotton growers who produced 40 � 45 hundredweights of cotton from each hectare.

Stocking up of received material is carried out at all 11 cotton processing and 46 reception facilities. Laboratories of such facilities, which are equipped with latest instruments and appliances, define the quality of cotton. Besides, 24/7 processing cotton was organized.

Super modern plant in Khalach etrap, which was opened few years ago, prepare seeding material. Thousands of tons of high quality seeds have already been shipped to the storage for the next sowing campaign.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper