High Tides Expected Next Week Along with Supermoon

The Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency says unusually high sea levels and tides are expected across the nation next Tuesday and Wednesday as the so-called "supermoon" shines over the earth.

According to the agency on Thursday, the supermoon phenomenon, which is when the full moon is closest to the earth, will make the moon appear larger and brighter. It added that the disposition of the sun, the earth and the moon in nearly a straight line will also cause a powerful tide-generating force.

As a result, sea levels will rise in the Yellow Sea, the South Sea and waters off Jeju Island. Figures are expected to stand at nine-point-eight meters off Pyeongtaek, nine-point-four meters near Incheon and four meters near Jindo.

The agency advised coastal regions to be prepared for possible damage that may occur from possible flooding.

Tides are caused by the combined effects of gravitational forces applied by the sun and moon. Extra-high tides and extra-low tides occur when the distance between the earth and the moon or sun is the shortest, and they stand in a straight line.

Source: KBS World Radio