Hindukush Power Station is 110 years old

Power capacity of the first facility of the energy industry of our country, the Hundukush Power Station, which was built on Murgab River 110 years ago, is only 1,2 Megawatt. However, working until our days, the power station is not only a part of national energy system but also a historical monument and museum in the open air.

The construction was started back in 1907and installation of equipment 110 years ago, in 1909. The first electricity was produced shortly after commissioning. It was one of high technology facilities for those times as well as the first and only hydropower station in our country. Experienced technicians who are able to take care of old equipment work at the power station.

Tours to unique energy facility are organized for the students, foreign guests of our country also pay great interest to the place. That is why everything is ready there to welcome the guests. Neat yard, comfortable benches under the shade of vine tree and pomegranate, old street lights. The building remained perfectly, rare mechanisms as well as the furniture of prerevolution time are carefully kept in its premises.

The books on hydraulics and elementary mechanics published in the beginning of the 1900s are stored in vintage bookshelf made of red wood. The appliances, which are no longer in use, like ancient telephone and inkpot, are on the table. Information board with copies of archive documents like orders for construction, reports of reception of turbines are on the wall. Photo evidence of construction of the first power line (1910) are among the exhibits of the museum. Furniture and accessories of the beginning of the 20th century are placed next to selfmade chairs made of thin metal bars with typical soviet symbols and dated by 1951.

Dam with the same name adjacent to the Hindukush Power Station is a unique place not only from historical but also from architectural point of view. Parapets, small niches and hatches with valves and various units, arches and towers as well as fences of small piers are strong constructions skilfully made of bricks.

Part of modern existing hydro technical facilities on Murgab River was built in the period from 1895 to 1909. These are Sultanbent (1890), Yolotan and Hindukush Dams (1895) with the system of canals. Construction of water reserve pools was designed since 1907 in the oasis. Some of the pools are used in our days.

Taking into consideration all water reserves and canals, which have been built in Central Asia in the beginning of the last year as a unified system, the project of hydrosystem, which used to be called as Turkestan, has also an anniversary this year. It is 100 years since the beginning of the construction.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper