Historical and cultural heritage is the spiritual wealth of the Turkmen people

The next issue of the quarterly popular science magazine “Miras”, published by the Makhtumkuli Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences, opens the Address of the President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov to schoolchildren, students, teachers and education workers, timed to the Day of Knowledge and Student Youth, as well as the welcoming message of the head of state to the participants of the final round of the contest “Çalsana, bagşy!” among dutarists, musicians-bakhshies and the Turkmen people on the occasion of the Independence Day of the Motherland.

Under the heading “Discoveries and New Developments”, readers are presented with the article “The work of Salar Baba “Jamygut-tarykh”, dedicated to one of the written monuments related to the Turkmen language – a unique manuscript, the world’s only copy, which is kept in the funds of the AST Institute of Language, Literature and National Manuscripts named after Makhtumkuli.

The work “Jamygut-tarykh”, written in the middle of the 16th century, describes the history of the Samanid, Karakhanid, Ghaznavid, Deilemid states and the empire of the Great Seljuks. As the author emphasizes, the preserved written sources are of great importance for the scientific study of the history and linguistic characteristics of the Turkmen people.

In the same section is the publication “The influence of Saiyadi’s couplet “Zuhra and Tahir” on the Turkmen literature of the 18th–19th centuries”, which tells about the role of this work in the development of Turkmen literature.

The section “Interaction of Cultures, Peoples and Civilizations” contains material on similarities and differences in the works of such outstanding poets and thinkers of the Turkmen people as Nurmukhammet Andalib and Makhtumkuli Fragi. The article “Two Wings of Classical Literature” tells in detail about the influence of Andalib’s works on Makhtumkuli’s worldview.

Also, the readers are presented with the publication “Ancient and medieval bridges of Turkmenistan”, which contains a wealth of factual material on the topic. The broad concept of monuments of the material culture of the past of the Turkmen people includes not only grandiose architecture, magnificent sculpture, painting, ceramics, but also engineering structures, which also include ancient and medieval bridges that played a huge role in the economic and political life of states.

“Chronicle of Scientific and Cultural Life” surveys the events of the social, scientific and cultural life of the country for the third quarter of this year, held under the motto “The Epoch of the People with Arkadag”. It reflects the progressive peacemaking course pursued by President Serdar Berdimuhamedov and vivid evidence of socially-oriented large-scale transformations aimed at strengthening the economic power of the Homeland and improving the welfare of the people.

Published in Turkmen, English and Russian, the issue is colorfully illustrated with reproductions of paintings and photographs by contemporary masters of art, rare archival materials and cartographic drawings.



Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper