Hotels in Shusha city worked at loss in first quarter

The financial indices of hotels in the city of Shusha can be described as quite strange. Average price for overnight stay in hotels of the city is about 20 manats, whereas an official overnight stay in them is much more expensive.

In the first quarter, Shushi hotels gained 1.454.900 manats from economic activities. Of these, only 100.000 manats account for a share of placement income. The remaining 1,353.900 manats are income from catering services.

Over three months, 4,539 people visited the city and spent 5,205 nights here, including foreigners – 781 people -a night.

In other words, the accommodation of one guest per night is arranged by accounting departments in five-star hotels of the city at an average price of 19.22 manats ($11.3). At the same time, the maintenance of hotels in the city of Shusha cost 1.892.100 manats in the first quarter, or 30% more expensive than the total revenue.

It ought to be noted that travel companies offer vouchers to the city of Shusha with a one-day overnight stay at the price of 215 manats, a 2–day overnight stay - 370 manats.

In total, in the first quarter of this year, the revenues of hotels and hotel-type facilities in Azerbaijan exceeded their expenses by 6.2 million manats or 7.8%, the State Statistics Committee reports.

At that, a share of hotels located in Baku (48.8 million manats), as well as Gusar (12.5 million manats) and Gabala (7 million manats) regions accounted for 80% of the declared income of hotel establishments.

In turn, Baku hotels earned a balance sheet profit of 4.4 million manats. Hotels in Gabala have already made ends meet. However, the hotels in the Gusar region for the first time in many years reported on the balance sheet: their income exceeded expenses (8 million 264.000 manats) by 52%.

Source: Turan News Agency