Houses and social and transport infrastructure facilities are being prepared for opening in the new residential areas of the Turkmen capital

Ashgabat is getting better every day. The scale of the capital's new buildings causes its transformation into a major metropolis in a blooming oasis between the spurs of the Kopetdag Mountains and the gigantic Karakum Desert. Numerous guests reviewing our city from airplanes invariably admire the opening panorama.

In recent years, a new modern urban environment has emerged on the site of old buildings. The present Ashgabat is a visible embodiment of the idea of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to turn Ashgabat into one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The concept of the development of the capital and the General Plan for its construction are being dynamically implemented.


In the new residential neighborhoods "Parahat-7/4" and "Parahat-7/5" in the south-eastern part of the capital, the builders prepared ten multi-storey buildings for settlement: four 54 apartment high-rise buildings and six 36 apartment buildings. Along with this, a general education school for 600 students and two kindergartens will be delivered.

Housewarming has already taken place in the microdistrict "Parahat-7" this year. More than a thousand Ashgabat families received spacious 2, 3, and 4-room apartments with improved planning. Construction companies - members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan - build sixty-nine houses and objects of social orientation in the residential area, including 8 kindergartens for 160 children each, 4 general schools for 2,400 students total, healthcare centers and car parks.

For several years, simultaneously with the construction of residential buildings, all the necessary infrastructure was being been created in the microdistricts "Parahat 7/1" and "Parahat 7/2". On the territory adjacent to the houses, there were special places for mass events, children's and sports grounds, car parks.

In the micro district "Parahat 7/3", where 27 standard buildings for two thousand apartments are currently under construction, there is also a school for 600 students, a kindergarten for 160 children, two shopping centers and parking lots.

The construction of new comfortable housing within the framework of the Master Plan for the development of the capital is also being carried out in the south-western part of the city, where objects of the 15th line are being built, as well as in Choganli, Koshi, and in Rukhabat Etrap.


384 residential houses with a full set of amenities, a school for 600 students, two kindergartens for 160 beds each, a Health House and other facilities will be commissioned in the village of "Taze Zaman" of the Rukhabat etrap of Ashgabat. All the constructed facilities are designed, built and equipped according to the most up-to-date requirements for housing of this type.

The new settlement received an allocated territory of 257 hectares. On the instructions of the capital's hakimlik, the general contractor Ashgabatgurlushyk and its subcontractors - business structures - will build one thousand five hundred and thirty six one- and two-story cottages with the necessary infrastructure, including four kindergartens, two schools for 1200 students in general, two Health Houses, communal and consumer services, two shopping centers, a fire station and other facilities in Taze Zaman.


Another multi-storey car park for 400 cars will be put into operation in late April in the Kopetdag etrap between the Turkmenbashi Avenue and Ataturk Street near Berkarar shopping center. The building has two elevators, providing customers with convenient access to their cars. All parking places here are equipped with sensors and information boards showing their availability.

In addition, surveillance cameras and fire alarm systems are installed on all floors. A chain of shops will open on the first floor of the building, where 400 cars will be parked. Parking lots with fewer cars are equipped with car washes.

Many modern multi-storey car parks designed for 400 or 240 cars each have been built in the densely populated areas of Ashgabat.


All motorways and objects of road infrastructure of the capital of Turkmenistan must meet high international standards, both in quality and in terms of road safety, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov underlines. In view of these requirements, the complete reconstruction of the next highway - a four-kilometer section of the Khoja Ahmet Yasavi Street in the northern part of the capital - has been completed. Here, the engineering networks have been re-laid, the roadway expanded to 18 meters, a new road surface constructed, electric lighting supports installed and sidewalks equipped.

As part of the large-scale modernization of roads, work continues on other highways with the participation of the departments of State Concern "Turkmenavtoyollary" and domestic entrepreneurs. The bulk of the contract concluded with the Turkish company Nata Insaat Turism Ticaret ve Sanayi A.S. on the reconstruction of the urban transport infrastructure has already been completed.

The construction of 12 city roads with a total length of about 60 kilometers, with bridges, underground and overground crossings and automobile interchanges is now at the stage of completion, with the use of the latest engineering and scientific developments and modern materials. Along the roadway there are original lighting supports, decorative fences, barriers and convenient bus stops.

Monumental compositions are built at the junctions and bridges, harmoniously blending into the architectural ensemble of the capital. The developed road infrastructure plays an important role in harmonizing the urban space of Ashgabat.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper