Hunting Season Kicks Off on August 17

The soontostart hunting season will end on March 15, 2020. Issued annually by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan, a decree specifies dates for the hunting season and hunting regulations, given the data available on the population size of the game species that can be hunted. The document is published as a brochure in the Russian and Turkmen languages and is distributed through the Union of Hunting and Fishing Societies of Turkmenistan. The hunting season is governed by the Law on Nature Protection, and the Hunting and Game Husbandry Regulations of Turkmenistan.

Hunting is allowed in specially designated areas only. Hunting dates vary for particular game animal and bird species. To lessen anthropogenic impacts on animals, hunting is not allowed under adverse weather conditions, including prolonged periods of frosty weather, and periods when the ground is covered with snow and ice. Every week has no hunting days. Throughout the entire season, inspectors of regional departments of the agrienvironmental authority will step up efforts to protect aquatic birds in all inland water bodies across the country. Staff members of Khazar State Reserve will take measures to conserve bird species in the eastern part of the Caspian Sea.

A preparatory meeting held ahead of the season was attended by environmental specialists, representatives of the Interior Ministry, the Nature Conservation Society of Turkmenistan, and the Union of Hunting and Fishing Societies of Turkmenistan. The meeting focused on organizational issues and antipoaching measures.

The meeting participants became acquainted with the withinsaid document and outlined a joint action plan. Ensuring compliance with fire safety requirements and environmental standards as well as imposing a ban on the trade of hunting trophies received special emphasis during the meeting. Outline maps of the hunting areas, lists of critically endangered species and other helpful information are readily available to members at the Ashgabatbased and regional offices of the Union. For instance, despite not being listed in the Red Data Book of Turkmenistan, species such as pheasants, swans, muskrats, and hedgehogs are not permitted to be hunted.

As for hunting with birds of prey, this recreational activity is not restricted.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper