Ice skating rinks appeared in shopping centers of the capital of Turkmenistan

Nothing cheers up the New Year mood like ice skating. In Ashgabat, the temperature is above zero, and the residents of the Turkmen capital have a winter mood - luxurious skating rinks have appeared in the shopping centers of the city.

The ice arenas, decorated with sparkling garlands and installations, have an atmosphere of winter and New Year, and there are more than enough people who want to go out on the ice. Both professional athletes and just amateurs skate.

Winter sports in Turkmenistan are becoming more and more popular every year, and more and more children are mastering them. Figure skating tops the list. The Turkmen figure skaters demonstrated their skills in the Ashgabat ice palace, where the shooting of the New Year show took place. In total, there are five ice arenas in Ashgabat, where young athletes go in for figure skating, hockey and short track speed skating.