If a student will not come to his mother, the mother will come to the student

Many students doing a course of study in overseas universities have made a decision not to return to Turkmenistan for a summer break. This is related to the fact that young people coming home for holidays are faced with many constraints ranging from problems with documents to the military service.

Cases when study-abroad students who come home for holidays are drafted into the army in Ashgabat airport, when a passport replacement or processing documents and issuing certificates might take up to a few months, or when students are summoned to local MSM offices on a regular basis discourage students from spending their summer break at home.

This has led to a reverse situation when parents are now visiting their children. Mothers carrying bags full of melons, fruit and other gifts head to Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries where their children are studying, correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan report.

� It is quite heartwarming to see Turkmen boys and girls with flowers meeting their mothers at the airport, � a passenger from Ashgabat who landed in Domodedovo airport says.� I understand that it would be better for students to go visit their families in Turkmenistan, but it appears that they might face some problems there.

Let us recall that Chronicles of Turkmenistan and Radio Azatlyk have reportedly made coverage about study-abroad students who had been drafted into the army straight from the Ashgabat airport.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan