Import substitution. Roll-up cigarettes instead of cigarettes

It has been almost a month since cigarettes disappeared from the shelves of state-run stores in Turkmenistan. Let us recall that in early November President Berdymukhammedov instructed to get rid of illicit cigarette dealers. After that the sale of cigarettes in stores was resumed.

Cigarettes in privately-owned shops are sold under the counter at 80 manats per pack (a pack was sold at 20 manats in state-run stores).

A shortage of cigarettes coupled with high price led to the emerging of business to produce roll-up cigarettes, where local tobacco is used.

Home-made cigarettes are sold at 7 to 12 manats per dozen (equivalent of $2 using the exchange rate established by Turkmenistan's Central bank).

Needless to say, both the production and sale is done illegally.

Observers note that newspapers are now in demand. Smokers use paper to make roll-up cigarettes wrapping up loose tobacco in them.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan