In an interview with Turkish TV channel, Berdimuhamedov spoke about his intention to join the Turkic Council and his hobbies

On November 9, Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov gave an interview to Yusuf Erim , editor-in-chief of the Turkish state TV channel TRT World , the TDH state news agency reported .

Note that this is Berdymukhamedov's third conversation with the heads of foreign media this year. A month ago, an interview with the president took the first deputy general director of TASS Mikhail Gusman . In May, the chairman of the MIR Interstate TV and Radio Company, Radik Batyrshin, spoke with the head of Turkmenistan . In 2018, the Russia 24 TV channel managed to get an interview with Berdymukhamedov.

Like all of the previous interviews, this interview was obviously choreographed. The representative of the Turkish TV company did not raise any acute topics, the questions he asked were laudatory, and the president's answers were accompanied by flattering remarks from the interviewer, such as: “While walking around the city, I also visited the Museum of the Turkmen Carpet, admired the performances of the Galkynysh National Equestrian Games group, and also had the opportunity to inspect the sports complexes of the Olympic town. I saw with my own eyes the great work that you are doing for future generations. Having witnessed this, I am proud of the successes of Turkmenistan. "

Without going into details, Berdymukhamedov and Erim discussed a number of topics:

• “fraternal” Turkmen-Turkish relations;

• achievements of Turkmenistan over 30 years of independence, the country's successes in the economy, energy, industry and other areas;

• the ancient history of the Turkmen people, who created such states as Parthia, the Seljuk Empire, the State of Kunyaurgench Turkmens, as well as the Turkmen states of Garagoyunly and Akgoyunly.

• good-neighborly and fraternal relations of Turkmenistan with neighboring countries;

• preparation for the Summit "Azerbaijan-Turkmenistan-Turkey" and the formation of a transport and energy bridge in the East-West direction ;

• construction of the strategically important TAPI gas pipeline and the intention to build the fourth branch of the Turkmenistan-China gas pipeline.

Answering the question why Turkmenistan intends to join the Cooperation Council of Turkic-speaking States (Turkic Council) this year as an observer, Berdimuhamedov said that Turkmenistan implements all the provisions of the UN Resolution on the permanent neutrality of the country, and participation in the Council is associated with the desire to develop friendly and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Turkic-speaking states.

Speaking about the numerous hobbies of the head of Turkmenistan, the Turkish journalist asked how Berdymukhamedov spends his free time. Erim said that he had read several books of the president and said the following: “You are an outstanding politician, writer, scientist. What advice would you give the current young generation when choosing a profession? ”.

Regarding free time, the president replied that he reads a lot and is engaged in sports and creativity, and Berdymukhamedov advised young people to choose a profession based on their interests and constantly improve their qualifications.

On the same day, a large cultural program was organized for the Turkish journalists who arrived in Turkmenistan: an exclusive horse show in the circus, excursions to the museum, the Olympic town and the television studio organized there.

The Turkish TV channel has not yet published a recording of the interview.

In 2018, TRT World edited a video with a cut of satirical clips "Chronicles of Turkmenistan", which tells about the personality cult of Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, human rights violations and the absence of independent media in the country. At the end of the video, its authors ask the question, "Is the president trying to improve his image?"

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan