In Ashgabat it was held a presentation of agricultural machinery made in Uzbekistan

Ashgabat hosted the presentation of the Technical Center of agricultural equipment production from Uzbekistan of Joint Stock Society "Uzagrotehsanoat holding". The celebration was attended by a delegation of the neighboring country, representatives of Uzbek engineering, service and leasing companies. Among the participants there are representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources of Turkmenistan, the country's farmers, farmers' associations of Akhal velayat, the private sector of economy and the Agrarian Party.

As noted the present at the presentation the Minister of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade of Uzbekistan Elyor Ganiev, the creation of the Technical Centre for realization and maintenance of agricultural machinery will be another step to strengthen the fruitful cooperation between the two countries, which has significant growth potential.

At the presentation the certificate entitling to act as distributor of Uzbek manufacturers of agricultural machinery in Turkmenistan was awarded to the representatives of the Economic Society "Turkmen-UzAVTO". It is a joint venture specializes in the sale and servicing of cars produced in Uzbekistan, and now machines and equipment of agricultural-use.

As noted at the presentation, Uzbek partners intend to build in Ashgabat, a large shopping and service center and to open its branches in velayats of the country. Promising prospects on construction an assembly plant for production of agricultural machinery on the territory of Turkmenistan, which will reduce the cost of products supplied, development machine-building industry of the country.

In the framework of trade and economic cooperation between the neighboring countries over the past decade to Turkmenistan from Uzbekistan was supplied agricultural machinery and hinged equipment worth 43 million US dollars. This volume includes cotton seeders, cultivators, sprayers, trailers and spare parts for them.

Participants of presentation learned about the opened on the basis of "Turkmen-UzAVTO" training center for turkmen mechanics and specialists - repairers of Uzbek equipment. Here everything is ready to start the training process - visual aids and patterns that demonstrate the separate knots and units of agricultural machinery, interactive training equipment.

On the ground in front of the technical center various models of agricultural machinery were presented. Among them is cotton-picker "MX-1.8." As noted at the presentation on the tests conducted in 2014-2016 years, the cotton machine performed well in the fields of Turkmenistan.

Also, at the exhibition the presentation participants learned with models of cotton seeders, cultivators, chisels, sprayers, soil rippers and plows, fodder harvest mowers, many of which have already tested their quality in domestic agricultural production.

In addition to the specimens, presented at the exhibition Uzbek mechanical engineers offered for realization a number of models of garden, tilled and arable tractors from 40 to 215 hp grain harvesters, mounted and trailed equipment.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH