In Balkanabat, a disabled girl is beaten to take away her state-owned apartment

A disabled girl living in Balkanabat was admitted to the hospital twice in August with numerous bruises and stab wounds. According to Turkmen news, the girl is regularly beaten to take away her state-owned apartment.

The first time the girl went to the hospital in mid-August with numerous bruises and cuts. She did not say what happened to her, but it was clearly not an accident.

The girl was discharged on August 22, but three days later she was again in the hospital with bruises and deep stab wounds.

Hospital workers managed to find out that the girl is regularly beaten by the same person or people hired by him. This man works at the local branch of the Altyn Asyr mobile communications company. The reason for the conflict is the apartment in which the girl now lives. She got it a few years ago, and before that this man lived in it, who was evicted by court order.

“Law enforcement agencies are aware of this whole story, but they cannot influence the man,” the newspaper notes.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan