In New Delhi, a nephew of a local alcoholic magnate to death knocked a woman from Turkmenistan

New Delhi, the Bentley car hit an auto rickshaw at full speed, in which three women from Turkmenistan and a local driver were driving. One of the passengers was killed, two others and the driver were injured, according to The Indian Express .

Car driving 19-year-old Asis Singh Chadda (Asees Singh Chadha) - nephew of the local alcoholic magnate Ponty Chadda Singh ( Ponty Singh Chadha) , who was killed in a shootout in 2012.

It is reported that during the incident the car was accompanied by two police officers guarding Asis Chadda.

"Bentley" at full speed crashed into the autorickshaw who stood at the intersection.

Guilty was arrested by witnesses and handed over to the police. He is accused of speeding and inadvertently killing.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan