In the run-up to summer season Turkmenistan experiences problems with purchase of airline tickets

In the run-up to summer season Turkmenistan is currently experiencing problems with the purchase of airline tickets for international flights.

Istanbul and Moscow has remained the most popular destinations.

The airline ticket offices claim that tickets had sold out for flights until September. However, if one finds the right person, tickets can be purchased for an extra fee of 400 to 600 manats.

If passengers need tickets for the nearest dates, the additional fee might go up to 1000 manats.

At the same time eye witnesses claim that there are always vacant seats in planes.

A month ago Chronicles of Turkmenistan reported about the increase in air fare for tickets bound to St. Petersburg.

It should be emphasized that the dollar exchange rate at the black market has reached 16 manats per dollar whereas the official exchange rate remains 3,5 manats.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan