In the Takhtabazar etrap, a complex of modern water treatment facilities put into operation

In the Takhtabazar etrap of Mary velayat, the grand opening of a modern complex of water treatment facilities erected by the Economic Association "Aby-KAlwser" took place. New construction with a capacity of 15 thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day is designed to provide high-quality water to the local population.

The total area of the object is 3.2 hectares. Water from groundwater deposits "Yaslyk" and "Marcak" goes to special open-type pools with a capacity of 3 thousand cubic meters each. Before entering the consumer network, the water will be subjected to thorough testing and analysis in the chemical and bacteriological laboratories of the plant at all intermediate stages of purification and preparation. It should also be noted that the company created 40 new jobs. Technological parameters include repeated cleaning, sedimentation, filtration and disinfection of the water. All processes are controlled by a computer system. The complex is equipped with dozens of modern pumping units, filters, and other types of equipment from well-known manufacturers of the Czech Republic and Turkey.

The complex will provide high-quality drinking water to the population of the Takhtabazar etrap - more than 60 thousand people. As envisaged by the project, pipelines were laid to settlements along with the construction of water treatment facilities.

Today a festive atmosphere reigned on the territory of the new building. The water treatment facility, meeting all international standards, is ready for operation. Representatives of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, local authorities, honorary elders, youth and numerous residents took part in the ceremony. Creative art collectives pleased with their art.

The staff of the complex expressed deep gratitude to the Head of the state for the unremitting attention to the issues of stimulating the business sector, the utmost care for rural workers and the provision of worthy life for the Turkmen people. All this coupled with the high scientific potential of Turkmenistan in the field of water use makes it possible to raise the quality of the works carried out here to a new level, to ensure the progressive development of the regions.

Within the framework of the event the builders who were especially honored, received gifts on behalf of the Head of the state.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper