In Turkmenistan the harvest of crops has started

In Turkmenistan, the start to the harvesting campaign has been given. The grain growers of Akhal, Balkan, Lebap and Mary velayats got down to the mowing and on June 14 the farmers of Dashoguz velayat will join them.

This year Turkmen grain growers will have to harvest from 760 thousand hectares, intended for winter crops 1 million 600 thousand tons of grain, including in Akhal velayat - 450, Mary - 380, Lebap - 350, Dashoguz - 300 and Balkan - 120 thousand tons. The main part of agricultural lands were planted with high-yielding varieties of wheat, in particular, such as "Sahrai", "Dzhuvan", "Bitarap", "Yoloten-1", "Yoloten-3", "Turkmenbashi-1", "Gizylshaglavuk-25","Miras"," Akbash ","Irishka"," Jubileynaya-100", "Batko" and also "Krupinka".

In general, in the country around 1,500 combine harvesters of "Case", "New Holland", "John Deere", "CLAAS" will be involved in the harvest - 2017. A good support for farmers will be a new technique that help them quickly and without losses collect a rich harvest. Modern combine harvesters - "John DeereW540" and "TUCANO 430" ("CLAAS") will be used on the fields, which were received on the eve of the harvesting campaign.

In accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan, the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management has concluded contracts with "John Deere International GmbH" (Swiss Confederation) and "Umax Trade GmbH" (Federal Republic of Germany) for the purchase of a large consignment of agricultural machinery, aggregates, dredgers and spare parts as well as consumables for them with the condition of supply to Turkmenistan in 3 stages in 2017-2020.

During the harvest period 373 mobile repair and mechanical brigades will serve the grain growers around the clock, supplying them with all necessary - fuel, combustive-lubricating, spare parts for machinery. Proper living conditions have been created at the field camps for machine operators, drivers and other workers participating in the mowing of crops, performances of cultural figures and the work of mobile shops will be organized.

More than 8 thousand 700 trucks will provide the delivery of wheat to 161 receiving points, as well as to granaries and elevators, including the Ministry of Road Transport, other departments. Laboratories have been prepared, where representatives of the Main State Service "Turkmenstandartlary" will determine the quality of incoming grain. Local branches of the State Commercial Bank "Daihanbank" will provide timely settlings with the farmers for the yield.

The traditional contest held by the Political Council of the Democratic Party, the National Center of Trade Unions, the Central Councils of the Agrarian Party, the Union of Women and the Youth Organization named after Makhtumkuli, the State Commercial Bank "Daikhanbank", the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, the editorial offices of the newspapers "Galkynysh", "Nesil", "Watan" and "Bereketli Toprak" will define the best workers: tenant- farmers, mulkdars, machine operators and drivers.

Traditionally, the honorary elders gave their blessing to the harvest. Having mowed the first ears of wheat, the aksakals (elders) handed over the symbolic sheaves to the machine operators.

Workshops were held in velayats with participation of representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, velayat and etrap khyakimliks, the Main State Service "Turkmenstandartlary", the State Concern "Turkmenhimiya", the leaders of the Daikhan associations, agronomists, machine operators, tenant farmers, elders, representatives of public organizations. A range of issues related to the organized harvesting of winter crops, the well-coordinated work of the grain-harvesting conveyor was discussed.

In commemoration of the significant event at the edge of wheat fields - in the places of celebrations on the occasion of the beginning of the mowing - exhibitions were organized where agricultural products, bakery products, modern agricultural machinery were presented. Performances of singers, dance and folklore groups of velayats took place.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper