India will refuse Turkmen gas if its price does not decrease

India threatens to abandon purchases of Turkmen gas through the TAPI gas pipeline if its contract price of $ 10 per MMBTU or $ 350 per thousand cubic meters does not decrease, EA Daily reports citing The Economic Times .

It is reported that at present the price of gas in Asia is $ 230 per thousand cubic meters. An unnamed senior Indian official said that gas from Turkmenistan at this price would be twice as expensive as liquefied American.

Experts believe that TAPI can interest India only at a price of $ 4 per MMBTU ($ 140 per thousand cubic meters). At the same time, such a cost should be maintained for the next 30 years while the contract is valid. In this case, India will be able to save up to $ 3 billion a year.

At the moment, negotiations have not led to anything, the publication reports.

In addition to price, India fears that Pakistan will use the TAPI pipeline as a leverage in the event of conflict.

Therefore, under the current conditions, Delhi is unlikely to take a real part in the gas pipeline construction project. There are still many buts and ifs, said the Indian official.

On October 7, it became known that over $ 250 million allocated for the feasibility study of the TAPI project was stolen in Pakistan . Managing Director of Pakistani gas company Inter State Gas Systems Ltd. is suspected of embezzlement. (ISGS) Mobin Saulat ;

On the same day, October 7, the Minister of Economy of Afghanistan, Mustafa Mastoor , announced that $ 12 billion is required for the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline . Earlier, Turkmenistan promised to allocate funds, however, due to the economic crisis, it lost interest in investments;

On October 8, a meeting with a senior military official from Pakistan took place at the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan . During the negotiations, the parties discussed the construction of TAPI. For what reason, negotiations on laying a gas pipeline with the military were not specified.

On October 13, it became known that a delegation from Turkmenistan will leave for Pakistan to resolve issues with delays in the construction of the pipeline .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan