Individual Enterprise Dalchyn: Quality educational service within walking distance

Opening of educational centre of Dalchyn Individual Enterprise, which provides services study of languages, theory and practice of translation, was held in Gurtly living estate of the capital. Representatives of the Ministry of Education, Embassy of Great Britain in Ashgabat, heads of private companies and lecturers of the Centre too part in the opening ceremony.

The Concept of language education is one of the main directions of the strategy of reforms in humanitarian sphere. Its objective is to train qualified specialists, who use foreign language for studying of advanced world practice and professional improvement as well as for quick access to the information about the world achievements and technical innovations.

Opening of the branch of Dalchyn indicates the growth of popularity of educational centre among Turkmenistan citizens. The selection of the location is not occasional. Specialists of Dalchyn carry out monitoring of the requirements for their services in order to build the work with maximum efficiency. The studies showed that many tenants of Gurtly living estate have interest in language courses given by the Centre.

Individual Enterprise Dachyn offers five languages � Turkmen, English, Russian, German and French. Most of the students prefers to study English language as this is universal language of international communication.

For introduction of modern methods of learning of the languages, Dalchyn signed the agreement on cooperation with Cambridge University, which allowed the Centre becoming the first official distributor of this leading educational institute of Great Britain in our country.

Opening of the first shop of licensed literature of the Cambridge University was the result of such fruitful partnership. The shop offers not only learning and methodological materials but also fiction books in English, books for specialized directions.

Activity of the branch of Dalchyn in Gurtly living estate has social aspect as well as it give the opportunity for work to the teachers of foreign languages as well as to other specialists. New spacious building will have the courses of visual art, computer skills, mathematics and entrepreneurship, which will attract the students of different age categories.

The branch is able to train up to two thousand students per semester. The number of people in the group does not exceed 15 students, which gives opportunity to the teacher to pay attention to each of them to practice dialog format of the lessons. The students have the shop of licenced literature of the Cambridge University, resource centre, mess hall, sport ground and recreation room at their disposal.

Lecturers of Dalchyn aim at efficient teaching of languages for short period and using individual approach. For example, the programme for the beginners is developed for 6 levels and takes approximately 18 months. Advanced students are bale to improve the knowledge using express programme. Students who passed all levels of study are accepted for exams which is held according to IELTS international standard, which is necessary for receiving work or to enrol to foreign universities.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper