Industrial production of high-octane motor gasoline mastered

The Turkmenbashy Complex of Oil Refineries has mastered the industrial production of high-octane AI-98 gasoline, which is made from low-octane gasoline by adding additives and modifiers.

Gasoline of this brand is a premium high-octane fuel for engines capable of showing maximum power due to the increase in pressure in the chamber. AI-98 is mainly used in cars with engines with a high compression ratio from 12 to 14. Due to its high anti-knock properties (octane characteristics), gasoline increases engine power and improves acceleration dynamics, reducing vibration and noise, and significantly reduces fuel consumption. The first batch of high-octane gasoline has already been tested on the domestic market. TCOR products are sold on the domestic market and sent to countries near and far abroad, mainly to Asia and Europe. AI-98 production is also intended for export.

In total, the plant produces more than 20 types of products - gasoline A-92, A-95, A-80, aviation and technical kerosene, jet and diesel fuel, fuel oil, lubricating oils, polypropylene, heating oil, gas oil, petroleum electrode coke, liquefied gas, construction and road bitumen, sulfur, synthetic detergents. The range of produced kerosene additionally included Jet A1 aviation kerosene, the production of which was launched in the first quarter of 2022. All brands of fuel are an environmentally friendly product.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper