Infatuation in Freeze Frame

In the capital’s Exhibition Centre, an exhibition of works by four amateur photographers and one professional has been launched. These are professional photographer Nury Nyyazov, teachers of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan Hoshgeldi Atasaparov and Ahmet Hallyyev, as well as a student of the Academy Hoshgeldi Garajayev and a graduate of the Turkmen State Art College Mahri Garahanov.


All of them are united by a passion – to capture a rare frame from the world around us in a photographic lens. When dozens of interesting pictures appeared in the collections, there was a desire to present them to the public. So the entire first floor of the Exhibition Centre was occupied by more than 100 photographs, each of which deserves the close attention of the audience.




The unique nature of Turkmenistan, people in special creative situations, the architecture of the eternally young Ashgabat, sports competitions, animals that fascinate us with their beauty, charm, touching defenselessness…




Visitors looked at the pictures with great interest, admired, shared comments. Perhaps, the best of the best works, such as «Inspiration», «Ballet», «Canyon» by Nury Nyyazov, «Loneliness», «In the Rays of Glory», «Rostok», «Rasul Gylyjov» by Ahmet Hallyyev, «A breath of air» by Mahri Garahanova and many others.




The photo exhibition gave aesthetic pleasure to both its participants and the audience, who, thanks to many pictures, expanded their understanding of the beauty of the region surrounding us.





Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper