Inflow of investments into Kyrgyzstan reaches $1,046.1 billion

According to preliminary data, the inflow of foreign direct investment into Kyrgyzstan amounted to $1,046.1 billion in 2022. The National Statistical Committee provided such data.

Thus, the net inflow of investments into Kyrgyzstan at the end of last year amounted to $290.8 million.

The bulk of foreign direct investment (more than 95 percent) is directed to mining, processing industries, financial intermediation and insurance, wholesale and retail trade, as well as information and communications. Turkey (30.7 percent), China (26.3 percent), the Netherlands (5.9 percent) and Great Britain (2.8 percent) accounted for the largest share in the total volume of foreign direct investment.

The outflow of foreign direct investment (about 92 percent) was observed from enterprises in the fields of mining, processing, financial intermediation and insurance, and geological exploration. China (38.3 percent), Turkey (35.4 percent) and Canada (11.6 percent) account for the largest share in the total outflow of foreign direct investment.

Source: News Agency