Infrastructure of domestic equestrian sphere to be supplemented by International Quarantine Centre

Opening ceremony of new modern facility of equestrian sphere � International Quarantine Centre in Ak Bugday etrap, Ahal Velayat, is timed to the Turkmen Horse Day.

As is known, the Head of the State pays unremitting attention to protection of the purity of ahalteke breed, improvement of selection and pedigree work. Resolution of the Head of the State on compiling of the catalogue of thoroughbred ahalteke horses � the detailed register of most remarkable representatives of the elite of world's horse breeding, is aimed at solution of these tasks. At the same time, the President of Turkmenistan spoke on the appropriateness of application to the UNESCO on inclusion of ahalteke horses to the World's Heritage List.

Permanent growth of number of foreign guests coming to our country for participation in the event on occasion of the Turkmen Horse Day indicates the great interest and everlasting glory of ahalteke horses. There are horse breeders, famous scientists, representatives of business structures, connoisseurs of ahalteke horses from different countries among them.

It became a good tradition to held opening ceremonies of different new facilities on occasion of holidays and remarkable dates. Today, the infrastructure of domestic equestrian sphere was supplemented by International Quarantine centre for 120 horses. Tis territory occupying 40 hectares is divided into number of functional zones. It has a complex of related facilities including checkpoint, administration building, veterinary clinic, six stables, six loading platforms and automatic scales for horse, storage for hay and dry forage, plot for open storage and drying of hay as well as decontamination barrier with the shade for treatment of the vehicles, sheltered parking and number of other technical facilities.

Besides, there are a paddock (fenced plot for walking out the horses in open air as well as for their exercising and saddling before the start of equestrian competitions), race track and riding hall.

International Quarantine Centre built in Ak Bugday etrap according to the relative Resolution of the President of Turkmenistan by the order of the State Association Turkmen Atlary meets all necessary requirements of such facilities. Optimum conditions for nursing and efficient veterinary service of the horses are made there.

Veterinary clinic of the centre is equipped with specialized modern hardware and advanced technologies for monitoring of the health condition of the horses. The stables with favourable microclimate for the horses were built in accordance with international standards and set sanitary standards.

In this context, it is necessary to highlight that the zone free from horse diseases was made in our country. This fact was officially approved by the OIE in March of this year on the threshold of V Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games. The Worlds Organization for Animal Health also mentioned large success achieved in our country in control of the health condition and treatment of horse diseases. It was highlighted that Turkmenistan is the only state of the Central Asia that has a status of the zone from horse diseases. This status is approved by relative certificate awarded to Turkmen leader by Regional Director of the OIE Mr Lucauscas.

As is known, our country pays large attention to the integration of the domestic horse breeding into international branch industry and development of equestrian sport. As for today, Turkmenistan made complex equipment and facility base for comprehensive training of the horses for the competitions including in the world's sport arena. Thus, by the initiative of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the programme of 2017 Asian Games includes show jumping � one of the most spectacular and popular equestrian sport.

In this regards, the objective of the quarantine centre is to provide due quarantine both for Turkmen horses before the participation in oversea tournaments and for the horses arriving from abroad to take part in the competitions in Turkmenistan. All necessary facilities for training of the horses to keep up their physical and sport conditions were stipulated in the centre.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper