Innovations and new technologies are the key to a successful partnership between “Turkmennebit” and “Tatneft”

The state concern “Turkmennebit” operates mainly in the Western region of Turkmenistan. Here are concentrated oil fields, many of which began the industrial return of “black gold” since the end of the XIX century.

Almost all deposits in this region are characterized by complex geological conditions, have a multi-layer structure, including several dozen separate deposits. Taking this into account, the introduction of innovative technologies and highly efficient equipment for the intensification of oil production in these fields is particularly relevant.

To this end, SC “Turkmennebit” expands cooperation with foreign partners. So, since 2010, “Tatneft” Public Joint-Stock Company (the Republic of Tatarstan, the Russian Federation) has been successfully operating in Turkmenistan, with which the concern has signed a contract for the provision of services for the overhaul of wells and enhanced oil recovery at the Goturdepe field.

Thanks to effective geological and technical measures, oil production at 128 wells was restored, mainly from an inactive fund and a fund awaiting physical liquidation. The company invested over 32 million US dollars in this project.

In December 2018, partners signed a new agreement providing for the overhaul of 88 wells. Within its framework, the “Tatneft” branch in Balkanabat made an additional set of Turkmen specialists and formed 12 brigades. Currently, 48 underground wells have already been commissioned. Investments in the project amounted to about 30 million US dollars.

An equally important aspect of the joint work is the training and professional development of Turkmen specialists. Representatives of the oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan repeatedly visited the production facilities of PJSC “TATNEFT” in Almetyevsk and Nizhnekamsk to familiarize themselves with the organization of production activities, putting into practice advanced technologies and modern scientific and technical developments in the field of geological exploration and drilling, automation, telemechanization and centralization of production processes in the oil and gas sector.



Source: Nebit-Gaz

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