Innovative model of medicine is successfully implemented in the regions

Specialists of Dashoguz Emergency Medical Centre have mastered laparoscopy method. Today, the doctors of the Centre make surgeries on intra-abdominal and pelvic cavities using one of the modern methods of the medicine without cutting by entering of telescopic pipe and special manipulators connected to the camera to the cuts. The laparoscopy method, which is distinguished by minimum injury and absence of cicatrices, enhance speedy recovery of the organism after surgery.

High level of qualification of the doctors and provision of the clinic with innovative medical equipment support successful implementation of modern medical methods to the practice. Emergency Medical Centre provides wide spectrum of treatment and preventative, diagnostic services. There are examination and surgery rooms, computed tomography, ECG, ultrasound inspection cabinets. The specialists of multipurpose laboratory make biochemical, immunosorbant and other researches. Hospital block including intensive care rooms is designed for 30 patients.

Infrastructure of the Medical Centre also includes garage for specialized transport, fuel station and carwash. Adjoining territory is well planned and planted with shrubs and trees. The hospital located in the central part of the city makes single complex with diagnostic, health, maternity and childhood care centres.

Care of health of the nation is a key aspect of the Governmental policy in Turkmenistan. Owing to successful implementation of integrated programmes in this sphere, ramified network of therapeutic and diagnostic, sanatorium and health-improving facilities as well as medicines and medical production factories are established in the country.

Health care systems is also expanded and modernized in Dashoguz Velayat. Thus, new sanatorium for 200 occupants equipped with modern hardware for famous manufacturers of Germany, USA, Italy, Great Britain and other countries was built in Gurbansoltan-Eje Etrap. Health-improving complex has its own mineral water spring and all capabilities for modern methods of sanatorium treatment. Iodine and bromine water is efficient against arthrosis, arthritis, osteochondrosis and peripheral nervous and endocrine systems diseases.

Number of Government projects aimed at making of the conditions for harmonic development of growing generation are successfully implemented. There is new rehabilitation training and education complex for 420 children with limited capabilities built among social facilities in Dashoguz. 8 hectares of the territory accommodate educational, administration, medical and residential complexes, pre-school section, canteen, library, celebration hall, indoor gym with swimming pool, ply and sports grounds, open pool and number of auxiliary facilities. Medical corps of children facility has most advanced medical equipment including for diagnostics, which allows providing efficient control of health condition of the children and render high quality medical services.

Due to targeted care of the Government of the health of the nation, modern medical centres are built and modernized not only in the cities but in rural area as well. Buildings of different departments of velayat and some etrap multipurpose hospitals are reconstructed, clinics are built or completely overhauled in the rural areas of Dashoguz Velayat.

All these examples brightly illustrate the achievements of regional component of national strategy of heath care, which is aimed at improvement of life quality of people and provision of the population with world standards medical services.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper