Inspiring Ashgabat tournaments demonstrate the level of Turkmen sportsmen for participation in V Asian Games

In the end of April, capital Olympic village hosted three Asian Championships � kickboxing, weightlifting and swimming. During the competitions, Turkmen sportsmen won 96 prizes � 30 gold, 32 silver and 34 bronze medals. In martial competition, our compatriots were on the first place by total medal count.

300 kick boxers from 17 countries like the Republic of Korea, India, Malaysia, Jordan, Syria, Nepal, Iraq and other came to Ashgabat. Zohre Jumabayeva and Gulzada Jorakuliyeva from Turkmen team won gold twice in full contact and low kick disciplines. Totally, our team won 75 medals in kickboxing competitions and confidently headed tournament table in total medal count.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper