International Children Day celebrated with public events in Turkmenistan

International Children Day, which is put in the list of official celebration days of the country as a sign of solidarity with the world community, commitment of our state to fundamental ideas and principles of the UN in children rights and interests, care of growing generation, was celebrated with public events in Turkmenistan.

Policy of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov in the sphere of children rights is to stimulate comprehensive physical, intellectual, spiritual, moral and social development of growing generation according to the Constitution of Turkmenistan and international obligations of our country. Improvement of life quality of people including young citizens, comprehensive support of a family as a foundation of public order and formation of individual are the priority of the policy.

The UNICEF Representative in Turkmenistan Christine Weygand spoke in mass media of the country with message on occasion of International Children Day. She expressed gratitude to the Government of the country for permanent efforts in provision of solid political base for achievement of results in the sphere of early child development and learning as well as confirmed the willingness of the UNICEF to continue supporting this work.

Together with Representative Office of this organization, the Ministry of Education holds “My Happy Family” picture contest, which was started today. Fosters of kindergartens, which include 75 pre-school facilities, were united by this art festival, which would last for a month.

The hosts decided not to define winner on certain criteria but to give freedom of self-expression to every children and after, to organize online exhibition of children pictures and to publish it on web pages of mass media of the country as well as to use for decoration of topical booklets and brochures.

It is worth to mention that excellent conditions are made these days in all pre-school facilities of Turkmenistan for development of children, their comfort and interesting time. well-equipped art studios and gyms, classes of initial computer training and language rooms for study of foreign languages are modern standards for kindergartens.

Involvement of young citizens to physical activity is a subject of special care of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov who pays special attention to development of physical training and sport, assertion of the principles of healthy life style. Physical training and Olympic movement is expanded in the country, number of young sportsmen who defend the honour of the country in international sport arenas is growing.

The right to be healthy is not only one of fundamental right of human being but also a wealth of the state, necessary condition for progress of society. Health of able-bodied population provide the present of the country while health of the children is its future. Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults and creation of healthy environment for them is the base of sustainable development of the state.

Grandiose construction of modern pre-school facilities, schools and universities as well as aesthetic and art centres for children and teenagers provided with laboratory equipment of latest generation, interactive and multimedia technologies and internet connection is expanded all over the country. Recreation and entertainment infrastructure is also under development.

Park of Culture and Recreation “Ashgabat” is one of the centres of celebration events. In addition to various amusements, it hosted book exhibitions attracting children with bright covers of children books, performances of children art collectives and circus artists.

Celebrations for children and parents have also been organized in other part of the capital – “World of Fairy Tales” and in Älem Cultural and Entertainment Centre, in Berkarar Shopping and Entertainment Centre on other similar places in the velayats.

Hosts of the celebration, which covered entire country, – ministries of education, health protection and medical industry, culture, sports and youth affairs, city halls and public organizations, took care of interesting and substantial programme for children and sweet treats.

Celebration events were also held in Ashgabat Youth and Children Palace, which fosters presented results of their activity in various sections of this centre. Exhibition of original handmade works of young artists, performance of dance bands and musicians have been organized at the square in front of the Palace.

The Government takes care of children who lost their parents making all conditions for them to gain big and friendly family, to feel themselves needed and surrounded with care and attention. This is not just social measure for support of vulnerable levels of the population but also on of moral principles of everlasting traditions of Turkmen people.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention to the state provision of orphans providing comprehensive support to activity of the capital’s Döwletliler köşgi, which fosters receive presents on behalf of the Head of the state on occasion of remarkable dates and celebrations. The event with participation of art collectives of the Palace has also taken place there on the same day.

Highlighting that care of children is the most noble and reliable investments to the future, the Head of the state initiates important reforms in different spheres of social policy including in health protection and educational spheres.

Modern medical «Ene mähri» centres, which have been built in the capital and all regions of the country, provide qualified medical aid to the population and are big scientific centres at the same time, which perform studies aimed at strengthening of health of mother and child, family planning.

Excellent health improving centres have been built for children all over the country, which would welcome young tourists for summer holidays from June 2. The centres have all conditions for intellectual, play and physical activities, artistic development of children.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH