International Energy Charter Forum ended in Turkmenistan

International Energy Charter Forum "Towards Multilateral Framework Agreement for the Transit of Energy Resources" has finished its work in Ashgabat. The agenda of the forum included a wide range of issues related to the current state and prospects for the development of world energy, the formation of a new architecture for global energy security.

Today, within the framework of the session "Transboundary trade in electricity and sustainable development" were analyzed the opportunities for trade in electricity between Central and South Asia, the experience of integration of regional electricity markets in the countries of the European Union, the functioning of the regional energy system of Central Asia, as well as issues related to the diversification of electricity supplies and transit.

It was noted that in the context of the continuing increase in the demand for energy resources of Asian countries, great prospects open up to the countries of Central Asia that have significant energy resources. Turkmenistan is one example of this, thanks to new gas turbine power plants and power transmission lines and natural gas reserves in the interior of the country.

Lively discussion started during the talk over the main topic of the Forum agenda - the development of the Multilateral Framework Agreement on the transit of energy resources. The results of this discussion were summed up at the final session of the Forum. As emphasized, the availability of wide access to energy sources is crucial for sustainable development. The achievement of this global Goal of the third millennium is directed the efforts of the world community, including in accordance with the United Nations "Development Agenda for the period until 2030".

The constructive nature of international initiatives of Turkmenistan was underscored, the demand for which testifies the Resolution "Reliable and Stable Transit of Energy Resources and Its Role in Ensuring Sustainable Development and International Cooperation", twice approved by the UN General Assembly.

As noted in the Final Document of the Ashgabat Forum, in the framework of the Energy Charter Conference chaired by Turkmenistan this year, the work is focused on the preparation of the Multilateral Framework Agreement on the Transit of Energy Resources, designed to become one of the tools for the development of international trade in energy resources. The Forum made it possible to determine the range of specific issues and problems related to international energy supply and possible alternative solutions reflecting the needs of the member countries of the Energy Charter.

The heads of delegations spoke in favor of that the results of the Forum, the conclusions of experts would find reflection in the political declaration, which was planned to be adopted following the results of the 28th session of the Energy Charter Conference to be held in Ashgabat in November.

The Forum convened within the framework of Turkmenistan's chairmanship at the Energy Charter Conference in 2017 gathered dozens of foreign delegations in Ashgabat, including from Austria, Albania, Armenia, Afghanistan, Belarus, Britain, Germany, Georgia, India, Iran, Italy, Yemen, Kazakhstan China, Kenya, Lithuania, Mongolia, Poland, Pakistan, the Republic of Korea, Romania, USA, Slovakia, Senegal, Turkey, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uganda, Japan, etc.

Among participants there are representatives of the Secretariat of the Energy Charter, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, the European Union, the OSCE, ECO, the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the World Bank, the Asian and European Development Banks, other international organizations, departments, energy companies as well as diplomats, scientists, experts.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper