International exhibition introduces trends of the development of the innovation economy

The International Exhibition of Industrial Products, Equipment and Modern Technologies, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started its work in Ashgabat. The specialized exhibition is intended to demonstrate the significant achievements and perspective directions of the national economy along the path of innovative development, as well as best practices and developments of foreign manufacturers interested in long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with Turkmen partners.

Chairwoman of the Mejlis, members of the government, heads of ministries and departments, diplomatic corps accredited in Turkmenistan, public organizations, representatives of domestic and foreign business, and media took part in the opening ceremony of the exposition that took place in the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The topic covered almost all key areas of the national economy - the fuel and energy complex and transport, communication and construction, the processing industry represented by such sectors as the chemical and textile industry, gas and petrochemicals, construction materials and food products and trade. Exhibits of stands and pavilions of state and business structures of the country, foreign companies-fully reflected the success and significant effectiveness of partnership interaction in the implementation of joint projects and programs.

Among the foreign participants of the review are the world's largest leaders in the production of industrial equipment and technological innovations, with which a great many years of cooperation experience have been developed. These are such transnational companies as "Dragon Oil" and "Schlumberger Logelco Inc.", with which our country is developing deposits, mining and processing of the richest hydrocarbon reserves.

With the active support of the partners "S?hneider Elektrik" and "Alstom" (France), major projects on the modernization and development of the national electric power system are being implemented. The leading company in the field of high space technologies "Thales International" presents complex solutions for navigation and security systems.

At the exhibition mutual interest in expanding reciprocally beneficial economic cooperation on a long-term basis is indicated by the fact that representatives of the French business community are united in the exposition of the Chamber of Commerce of Turkmenistan-France ("Sifal", "Oberthur", "Airbus Defense and Space", "Total").

It is worth noting the exposition of the Bulgarian-Turkmen Chamber of Commerce and Industry, among its members there are about 120 partner companies involved in various fields of professional activity. Among the priorities of bilateral cooperation is the exchange of technologies, practice of growing and further processing of agricultural crops into finished products.

The largest trade corporations, specializing in import-export, have become regular participants in the forums held in our country. Today, among them there are "Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation", Turkish companies "Izmir Free Zone" and "Anzali Free Zone organization", as well as "Brik global" (UAE).

Taking into account the growing demands of the Turkmen market for efficient technologies and industrial developments, proposals for the implementation of joint projects for the establishment and equipping of industries oriented to the processing of local raw materials come from Turkish and Iranian companies the partnership with which have many years of fruitful experience.

Among the new exhibitors is the enterprise "Pars khooshe Pardaz Co." (Iran), which represents its bulk products based on biotechnology - special adhesive additives for the production of various types of goods - in bakery, construction materials and filtering materials industry, paper industry. A stand of the Turkish company "Empero" offers industrial equipment for equipping public catering enterprises, numbering almost 1500 names of electric machines, instruments and tools.

The exhibition provided an opportunity to get acquainted with the new developments of special equipment in the field of fire safety by the Russian companies "Chinta LLC", "TM Trade Limited Co.", refrigeration units and components for ventilation and air conditioning systems "Aermec s.p.a" (Italy), medical laboratory equipment and devices "Medical Kasra Behdis" (Iran), improved models of machines and looms for the hosiery industry" Lonati s.p.a "(Italy).

The central part of the exposition areas has turned into a motor showroom for advertising models of German cars in 2017, the brand "BMW", as well as English minicapers ("countryman" and crossover "?lub"). The economic company "Awtohaus GMBH" is engaged in the supply of machinery, accessories and components and their servicing. The family version of the car "R4" brand "Daewoo" is represented by a company from Uzbekistan.

Special attention of foreign guests is enjoyed by expositions of state structures and enterprises of the national economy, which presented their achievements in the production of various products using innovative technologies, as well as innovative developments of national scientists and specialists.

In this regard, the stand of the Ministry of Industry is remarkable, which demonstrates a variety of finished products produced as part of the import substitution program on the basis of joint ventures with the participation of local entrepreneurs. These are tubular products, products from polypropylene and polyethylene, building materials, artificial marble and facing tiles, various types of LED lamps and lamps, glass containers and medical bottles, electrical devices and sensors, etc.

A large-scale exposition was supplemented by numerous samples of upholstered furniture and bedrooms, home interior accessories presented in the pavilions of domestic producers "AybAllek", "Abrayly Alnum", "Cigildem". Furniture production due to state support of medium and small business in the country has become a very promising and rapidly developing field of activity. The pavilion of the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations offers the original designs of forged steel and metal, as well as wooden sawn-off pieces for the arrangement of personal plots.

Presentations of domestic brands and global brands, an abundance of marketing information, communication with partners attract business representatives and ordinary visitors.

Business meetings, facilitating the exchange of experience, acquaintance with modern achievements and innovative developments, establishing contacts and bringing domestic products to the world markets are scheduled in the fields of the International Exhibition of Industrial Products, Equipment and Modern Technologies in the exhibition hall of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Source: The state news agency of Turkmenistan