International fair exhibition of Turkmen carpets and textile is opened in the capital

International fair exhibition, timed to national Day of Turkmen carpet observed on the last Sunday of May, has opened in Ashgabat. Large profile review was organized by Turkmenhaly State Association and Trade and Industrial Chamber.

Instituted as a sign of special recognition of unique handmade carpet art and respect of inspired work of our masters owing to who the world can enjoy beautiful and refined carpet canvas, this holiday has become one of bright examples of activity of Head of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for protection of national decorative and allied arts, everlasting values of tangible, cultural and spiritual heritage of the nation.

The world outlook of Turkmens, pride of the past and present, light dreams of future are reflected in masterpieces of carpet making. It is importance to note that main patterns of the carpet have become elements of state symbols of the country. These patterns embody unity and solidarity of Turkmen people as well as everlasting desire of beautiful.

Not only carpet products but also national jewellery, textile and many other commodities produced by Turkmen facilities were presented at current exhibition fair in Trade and Industrial Chamber. Famous carpet makers, businessmen, heads and representatives of big trade companies, World Turkmen handmade Carpet Connoisseurs Association, cultural centres were among the participants of the review.

Celebration atmosphere reigns in the halls of the exhibition centre since early morning. Subject of eternal value of carpet making traditions, which are carefully protected and passed from generation to generation, was reflected in bright compositions of folk and ethnographic ensembles and performances of music bands of the country.

Members of the Government and Mejlis, ministries and departments, heads of diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited in the country, cultural and art personnel, students, representatives of public organizations, famous carpet makers of the country took part in the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The participants have listened to the congratulation message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with great enthusiasm.

Honouring of personnel of carpet making facilities, who were conferred with title of Honoured Carpet Maker of Turkmenistan, took place under the event.

Excellent copies of famous ‘Pazyryk carpet”, which was discovered by scientists in Altay Mountains, were among unique exhibits of the review. It was made in symmetrical double notch technique, which is specific to Turkmen carpets, and has repeating symbolical patterns and traditional colours.

The halls of handmade carpets demonstrated both strict classics of carpet making art as well as new art ideas such as variations of colours, shapes, sizes and patterns made of wool and silk.

The demand on such decorative carpets is growing these days. Carpet makers work on making of carpets for interior decorations developed by designers. Results of their work is available in numerous social and cultural, educational and sport facilities, hotels and recreation centres built all around the country.

The guests of the exhibition could not hide their admiration and hurried to capture classical pattern carpets, landscape panel carpets, excellent plot pictures and wall decorations on their photo and video cameras. Glorious ahalteke horses, natural beauties of Turkmen land are brought to life on these works.

Big carpet vernissage was supplemented by carpet accessories like handbags and purses as well as big collection of souvenir items, jewellery, samples of national embroidery. Today, authors of these works are true masters of what they do, successors of original traditions, which are sensitive to changes, who make significant input to improvement of cultural heritage.

Bright panoramic of international exhibition and celebration atmosphere allowed the guest getting imagination of the origins of carpet making and modern development of the industry, better understanding features and character of original culture of Turkmen people.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH