International magazine “Problems of Deserts Development” is 50 years

Anniversary issue of quarterly publication is dedicated to this event. It starts with an article of editorial board speaking of the history of the magazine. The article analyses its popularity due to the implementation of the Action Plan for Combating Desertification adopted at the UN International Conference in 1977 as well as the UN Convention to Combat Desertification and Mitigation of the Effects of Drought in 1994.

Scientific, theoretical and methodological materials published on the pages of the magazine have raised the interest of American Allerton Press (New York) publishing house, which issued English version of the magazine from 1977 to 1992. These copies are kept in the library of National Institute of deserts, flora and fauna that accommodates editorial office of the magazine.

Form 1993. New sections Aral Sea and Its Problems and Help to the Industry have appeared in the magazine. Three articles of anniversary issue on desertification processes in South Aral region, increase of pastries potential and importance of water for ecosystems of arid territories are dedicated to Aral Sea range of problems.

Series of publications are dedicated to biological renovation of degraded lands of the Caspian Region, work of Kazakhstan scientists studying spatial and temporal interrelation of natural and anthropogenic geographic systems as well as to assessment of engineering and geological conditions of Murgab River, rational land use in Bukhara Region of Uzbekistan and study of rare medicinal plants of the Kopetdag.

Specialists of agricultural sphere will be interested in analysis of land improvement conditions during irrigation and quality of water at one of the sections of the main collector of Turkmen Lake and information on the deposits of fresh water lenses in Northern Turkmenistan.

The magazine gathered rich collection of scientific work on different aspects of rational use of natural reserves of the desert of the Central Asian region for the half of the century of its history. The authors of the articles are leading scientists from Russia and the CIS countries, China, Iran, India, Mongolia, Syria, Mali, Algeria, Egypt, USA and Turkey.

Central place among the subjects of new issue was allocated to one of the greatest desert of the world, the Karakums, which are distinguished by not only landscape and biological diversity but also fuel and energy, mineral and raw material and agricultural potential. The magazine responds to topical tasks in climate and natural protection range of issues and in scientifically based management of deserted territories.

The magazine is published under the aegis of the State Committee for Natural Protection and Land Resources under support of the joint project of Turkmenistan and the UN.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper