International observers assessed the past presidential elections in Turkmenistan

Briefings by international observers representing the CIS, the Organization of Turkic States and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization were held in Ashgabat on the results of monitoring the preparation and conduct of the presidential elections in Turkmenistan.

The meetings were attended by representatives of national and foreign media, as well as members of the Central Commission for holding elections and referendums in Turkmenistan.

Addressing the audience, the heads of missions expressed their gratitude to the leadership of the country and the Central Election Commission of Turkmenistan for the invitation to participate in the elections of the head of state. Observers noted that the presidential elections in Turkmenistan were held in an organized manner, on an alternative basis, in conditions of openness, transparency and high activity of the electorate.

According to the participants of the briefings, the invitation of international observers is seen as a desire of the country's leadership to ensure maximum transparency and democracy in the electoral process in Turkmenistan.

As noted, the assessment of observers is based on an analysis of the national electoral legislation, direct observations and factual material collected during the stay of mission members in the country. In their work, the observers were guided by the principles of political neutrality, non-interference in internal affairs, observance of the laws of the state, objectivity in assessing the election campaign, the organization and course of elections.

The observers emphasized that the Electoral Code of Turkmenistan complies with the universally recognized norms of international law in the field of democratic elections and ensures the free and open expression of the will of voters.