International observers: Presidential Elections are found to be completed, democratic and free

The elections of the President were held in Turkmenistan of February 12. Three political parties and six initiative groups of the citizens nominated their candidates. By the results of the voting, acting President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the candidate from the Democratic Party of Turkmenistan confidently won the elections with 97 percent of electorate voted for him.

The elections campaign were held under new political reality and improved legislation field, which were legally stated in the Election Code of Turkmenistan. The elections were recognized as completed, democratic and free. International observers including the CIS, SCO, the Islamic Cooperation Organizations and foreign independent observers from USA, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Austria, Japan and other countries confirmed that. Totally, 151 international observers were accredited at Presidential elections in Turkmenistan.

Sergey Lebedev, the Head of the CIS Observation Mission, Chairman of Executive Committee, Executive Secretary of the CIS:

- The Mission included 74 representatives from 8 CIS countries as well as from Inter-Parliament Assembly of the CIS countries, personnel of the Executive Committee of the CIS, - professionals in election process � parliamentarian, members of central election committees and diplomats.

The Mission started its work on January 25 and we have plenty of time to analyse legal framework, study the work of election committees of all levels. We held the meeting with some of the candidates and their official representatives and representatives of the political parties. Members of the Mission spent the day of elections at the polling stations. Thus, our evaluation of presidential elections in Turkmenistan is impartial and match real situation of the preparation and conduct of the elections.

I would like to highlight that the elections were held and recognized as free and democratic. All candidates were presented with equal opportunities. High attendance of the electorate indicates the support of the course lead by the Head of the State as well as large preparation work undertaken by the Central and divisional election committees.

The CIS Observation Mission congratulates the people of Turkmenistan on completed elections of the president of the country. We are confident that independent neutral Turkmenistan will continue advance movement on the way of peace and progress.

Rashid Alimov, the Head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Observation Mission, the SCO Secretary General:

- Observation Mission of Shanghai Cooperation Organization monitors for the first time presidential elections in Turkmenistan. We arrived by the invitation of the Central Election Committee and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan and consider this as an intent to provide publicity and transparency of the elections of the Head of the State. Our Mission includes 16 people representing legislative and executive bodies of the SCO countries and having an experience in election system sphere.

Special feature of our mission is the fact that for the first time in history of the SCO, we monitor the elections in the country, which is not the member of the organizations. We consider it as a trust and recognize the level of our responsibility. In our work, we are guided by election legislation of Turkmenistan and the provision of the SCO Mission at the elections.

I would like to emphasize that Turkmen side made all necessary conditions for the work of our Mission. We familiarized with the work of the Central Elections and Regional Committees, analysed the Election Code, held the meetings with representatives of political parties, national and international observers and mass media.

The Mission notes that legal framework of the election process meets universal standards. The elections were held under multiparty conditions and all candidates were given equal opportunities. On the day of the elections, the Mission visited 95 polling stations in Ashgabat and the regions and we state that the Elections of the President of Turkmenistan were free, opens, competitive and democratic.

Ali Abdulhassani, the Head of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Mission, the Ambassador, Director of Political Affairs Department of the SCO:

- The Islamic Cooperation Organization, represented by myself, participates for the first time in monitoring of the Presidential Elections in Turkmenistan. We consider this as a trust of the Government of the country of the SCO. There are two people in the Mission. All conditions for monitoring of the course of the elections were made for us. On the day of the elections, we visited polling stations of Ashgabat and Ahal velayat and were convinced that the attendance of the electorate was high. It was free elections on alternative basis. The experience of your country in organization and conduct of the elections deserves the study and spreading in the Islamic world.

Dmitriy Galdey, the representative of the CIS Observation Mission, Deputy Head of the Secretariat of the Council of Inter-Parliament Assembly of the CIS countries:

- As international observer, I participate for the third time in election process in Turkmenistan and I would like to mention that there are precise structured election system established in the country and highly profession personnel of all level of election committees was trained. I our work, we follow the standards of the Election code of the country and provisions of international documents.

All of these stipulated the level of trust of Turkmen citizens to election process. As a result, there are high attendance and atmosphere of national rise.

Afra Rashed Al Basti, independent intrantional observer, the member of the Federal National Council of the United Arab Emirates:

- This is my first visit to Turkmenistan and I am glad that I became a witness of this important social and political event � the Presidential Elections. As an independent observer, I visited six polling stations in Ashgabat and Ahal velayat on the day of the elections. I was impressed by high activity of the voters and their positive mood. It is pleasant that majority if the members of divisional elections committees are women. They work professionally with the constituents and know procedural issues, what indicates high social and political status of women. I wish people of Turkmenistan led by the President successes in social and economic progress and consolidation of international authority of the country as democratic, temporal and legal state.

Ilyas Umahanov, the representative of the CIS Observation Mission, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of federal Assembly of RF:

- There is a large group of parliamentarian in the mission of the CIS including from Russia Federation; five senators and five deputies of the State Duma. We visited more than 60 polling stations in Ashgabat and Turkmenbashy.

On the day of the elections, we witnessed public address of acting head of the State at the polling station, which main message was expressed in the endeavour to national solidarity and progress. High interest to presidential elections in Turkmenistan from international observers indicates growing authority of the country following the way of democratic, social and economic changes.

Our group of parliamentarian was received in the Mejlis of Turkmenistan. During the meeting, we discussed topical subjects of inter-Parliamentarian relations. We wish peace, stability and prosperity to the people of Turkmenistan.

Wang Xue Chung, the representative of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Observation Mission, First Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China:

- As a representative of the SCO Observation Mission I attended polling stations in Mary, Bayramali and number of settlements of Mary Velayat. Everywhere, people were actively voting and the atmosphere at polling stations was quite. I can state with all confidence that Presidential Elections in Turkmenistan were democratic and free. The voters had an opportunity to choose the Head of the State on wide alternative basis. There were no any misconducts observed during the voting. The elections are the evidence of correctness of chosen way and I would like to congratulate everybody on this important social and political event.

Neda Berger, Independent international observer, the President of Austrian � Turkmen Society:

- The Elections of the President of Turkmenistan impressed me favourably. Having visited seven polling stations in Ashgabat, I was convinced by patriotic enthusiasm of the people participating in the elections.

As an independent international observer, I did not see any breach in the course of the voting. The work of election committees was organized on the highest level. I am stating that the elections were free and alternative, open for international observers. I would like to congratulated the people of Turkmenistan on successful completion of this crucial event in life of the country.

Darkhan Kaletayev, the representative of the Shanghai Coooperation Organization Observation Mission, the Deputy of the Senate of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

- I congratulate the people of Turkmenistan on excellently held election campaign of the President of Turkmenistan. The process of preparation and conduct of the voting were distinguished by high organizational level. Familiarization with the work of election committees convinced us in this fact. On the day of elections February 12, I attended more than ten polling stations of Ashgabat. I was pleased with social activity of young generation. I can state that presidential elections were the evidence of the triumph of democratic processes in Turkmenistan.

Kurt Edwards, Independent international Observe, the Director of Fit International, USA:

- It was great honour for me to present at the polling station where acting Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov voted together with his family. I saw the enthusiasm of the participants greeting him.

After the voting, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov made speech where he outlines key aspects of internal and foreign policy and his vision of the future of the country. I was also impressed with high activity of young generation. I wish large achievements and further prosperity to Turkmenistan.

Sergey Sirotkin, the representative of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Observation Mission, the Member of the Central Election Committee of Russian Federation:

- The success of Presidential elections, which we were monitoring, indicates high social activity and political maturity of Turkmen society, supremacy of democratic principles and involvement of the people into large changes. The attendance of the electorate at some polling stations reached 30 percent by 10 am.

The citizens of Turkmenistan made free and deliberate choice defining the course on steadfast development.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper