International scientific conference timed to the Day of Science is held in online format

International scientific conference, which is traditionally held in Turkmenistan on occasion of the Day of Science in Turkmenistan, is organized in online mode this year. Numerous foreign delegates of the forum take part in the conference online.

Modern communication technologies allowed uniting Turkmen scientists, teachers, young researchers and representatives of scientific circles from twenty countries around current subjects from different spheres. It includes Japan, the Republic of Korea, Italy, Spain, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Iran, Egypt, India.

The opening ceremony of the conference with music performance was held in Oguzkhan Engineering and Technological University, the advanced scientific and educational centre of our country, which has a mission to become one of the leading points of growth of intellectual, scientific and technical potential of the state.

The fact that young university makes successful steps along this way is visually indicated by the exhibition of innovative projects and technologies presented by the students and ypugn teachers of the university.

It is good that directions of scientific studies of Turkmen scientists and specialists have special currency in theoretical aspects and from practical application point of view. They are also based on operative response to modern challenges.

For example, the team of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences had successful laboratory tests of new production, which is able to make prevention methods against the spread of virus infections and pathogenic microbes to be more efficient…

Having gathered in the conference hall and foreign rapporteurs on another side of video conference call, the delegates of the forum have listened to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov with big attention.

Turkmenistan steadily improves cooperation in scientific, technical and innovative technologies spheres with big international structures, leading scientific and educational centres of the world, the Head of the State has noted in his message.

Subjects of cooperation in priority directions of scientific researches, development and application of new technologies have been brought out to the agenda of the current forum.

Representatives of famous scientific centres of Europe and Asia like President of National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Georgy Kvesitadze, Presient of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Doctor of Sciences Murat Jumatayev, First Deputy of the Chairman of the Presidium of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Sergey Chizhik, First Vice-President of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Ibrahim Syit Ogly Guliyev, Vice-president of Latvian Academy of sciences Andreas Krasnikovs, Professor of Tokyo University Hideomi Koinuma and many other made greeting speeches during plenary session.

The speakers briefly spoke of the main directions of studies held in their scientific organizations, shared their visions of perspectives of international scientific and technical cooperation, especially in the sphere of creation of high technological productions, use of digital technologies in social sphere, formation of common academic platform and network services for solution of priority scientific and technical objectives in the scale of the region and in wider scale.

Such subjects of agenda of development of Turkmen science and its international relations as enhancement of efficiency of developments in the sphere of alternative energy, pharmacy, processing of mineral materials and other have been touched. Special focus have been made on objectives of digitization as a strategic direction of development of the economy and social system of our country.

National international practice of use of information and communication technologies, intellectual systems in wide spectrum of fields like government administration, education, oil and gas industry, trade, tourism, agriculture and water management and event horse breeding have been reviewed in this aspect.

Interesting point of view has been expressed in one of the reports – importance of mathematic disciplines in training of personnel and economic education grows during the transit to digital economy.

Telecommunication industry of Turkmenistan, which development will give boost the branches of the economy as well as will change people’s activity, is on the threshold of introduction of new generation of 5G mobile communication.

Specific examples of successful implementation of digital systems to work of different structures like chemical facilities, traffic police and traffic control, ecological monitoring service, archaeology and restoration and other have been presented at the conference.

Foreign scientists expressed willingness for wide partnership with Turkmen colleagues noting the presence of modern scientific infrastructure, opportunities and conditions made for innovative activity in the country.

On the next day, international conference will continue working by sections. Session of the subject of Information and Telelcommunication technologies, Digitization of Branches of the Economy will be held in Oguzkhan Engineering and Technological University.

Subjects of scientifically based development of agriculture, ecological problems and importance of biotechnologies will be discussed in the Centre of Technologies of the Academy of Sciences. Industrial and innovative technologies will be the subject of discussion and exchange of opinions in International Oil and Gas University.

Session on Economic Development, Law, International Cooperation and Tourism will be held in Turkmen State University of Economy and Management. Section of Medicine and Medical Production, Sport will be held in Murad Karrieyv Turkmen State Medical University. Subjects covering aspects of development of humanitarian sciences will be defined by the speeches of scientists in Magtumguly Turkmen State University.



Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH