Iran files a countersuit against Turkmenistan to the Court of Arbitration

In an interview to the media outlet Tansim Hamid Reza Araqi, managing director of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) said the NIGC submitted the lawsuit against Turkmenistan to the International Court of Arbitration (ICA).

Iran filed a complaint after Turkmenistan had cut off gas supplies to Iran in winter 2016, saying Iran should clear its outstanding debts.

In mid August Turkmengaz brought a lawsuit against NIGC to the International Court of Arbitration.

The court proceedings are expected to last for two years.

Let us recall that in late 2016 a public row broke out between Iran and Turkmenistan after Turkmengaz demanded that the NIGC settle the debt of $1,8 billion. The Iran media outlets reported that after lengthy negotiations the sides had come to mutual agreement. Despite this, on 1 January 2017 Turkmenistan cut off gas supply to Iran.

Over the past two years Iran has repeatedly threatened Turkmenistan to file a lawsuit to the International Court of Arbitrations.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan