Issues of holding days of a special UN program for Central Asian economies in Turkmenistan discussed in Geneva

At the UN office in Geneva, the ambassadors of the Central Asian countries discussed issues related to the upcoming events in Ashgabat of the UN special program for the economy of Central Asia (SPECA) in November 2019. These events will be held as part of Turkmenistan's chairmanship of the governing council and economic forum of SPECA this year.

During the meeting, Olga Algaerova, Executive Secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Europe, spoke about her recent visit to Turkmenistan and participation in the first Caspian Economic Forum. She noted that during the visit she discussed with the leadership of Turkmenistan the creation of the SPECA Fund. The UNECE Executive Secretary noted that the proposal to establish such a fund to finance SPECA activities and activities was supported by the Turkmen leadership.

Then, the heads of UNECE divisions spoke and called on representatives of the Central Asian countries to actively participate in SPECA initiatives and projects carried out both at the regional and subregional levels. Particular attention was paid to environmental protection, transport and trade.