Italian Hit Songs: A Special Treat for Music Lovers

The Turkmenistan Cinema and Concert Hall has premiered a program entitled The New Year in True Italian Style, featuring renowned singers and musicians. The idea of presenting the spectacularly original show came to Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, pianist Vladimir Mkrtumov.

Singers eccentric Maysa Niyazova and charismatic Alexander Kochetov had captivated and thrilled the hearts of music lovers at the concert entitled Hipsters 2019 so much that all the tickets were sold out long before the premiere and the new year show in true Italian style drew a capacity audience.

The centerpiece of Christmas stage designs was Babbo Natale (Santa Claus in Italy). The concert opened with a musical joke. Vladimir Mkrtumov walked on stage, sat at the grand piano and started to play the dramatic soundtrack to the film 'The Godfather' by Nino Rota. When Maysa and Alexander stepped out on stage they said in surprise:

- Vladimir Sergeevich, it is the New Year concert!!!

Vladimir Sergeevich nodded in agreement and continued to play a jazz interpretation of the music.

- That's better now! - the singers approved.

The song 'Tu Soltanto Tu' ('You Only You') became a celebration of all those in love. With their extraordinary artistic flair and good Italian pronunciation, Maysa and Alexander were able to truthfully tell the song's soul-stirring story and perfectly convey all the emotions in their singing.

The concert program also featured popular songs such as 'Susanna', 'Mambo Italiano', 'L'italiano', and 'Cuore Matto' among others. With the New Year approaching, the distinctive Mediterranean hit songs blended with Christmas melodies in a harmonious whole.

The expressive and emotionally uplifting music with dramatic improvised passages was played by Vladimir Mkrtumov (piano), Timur Oraev (percussion instruments), Igor Shevtsov (bass guitar) and Merdan Yazmuradov (saxophone).

The audience gave the much-loved singers and musicians a warm reception, expressing their admiration with shouts of Bravo! and singing along with their favorite hit songs. As the concert came to a close, Maysa Niyazova, who was delighted by this appreciation, offered to take selfies deeply touching the audience members with her offer. Happy New Year wishes from the stage filled everyone with sincere and positive emotions.

Source: Turkmenistan: The Golden Age Online Newspaper