Japan’s Nissan Admits to Falsifying Emissions Data

An internal review has revealed that Japanese automobile manufacturer Nissan falsified data on emissions and fuel economy reports for vehicles produced and sold in Japan, according to a statement the company released Monday.

The automaker said the data was altered to meet the company's stricter internal standards.

All cars except for one model � the Nissan GT-R, a sports car � still met Japanese auto standards, the company said.

Last year, a report that uncertified technicians at some plants had conducted final investigations forced the company to recall more than one million vehicles.

Nissan said that in this case, no recalls would be necessary, as the data falsifications did not affect the safety of the cars. The company said "a full and comprehensive investigation of the facts including the causes and background of the misconduct, is under way."

This is not the first time in recent years that automobile companies have come under fire for falsified reports.

Two years ago, Mitsubishi and Suzuki also acknowledged exaggerating fuel economy data. Last year, a U.S. judge fined German automaker Volkswagen $2.8 billion for cheating on government emissions tests.

Source: Voice of America