John Deere and CLAAS tractors replenish the country’s agri-machinery fleet

Modern farm machinery is being delivered for the needs of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Economy of Turkmenistan. Prior to the start of the new sowing season, the first consignment of John Deere 8245R row-crop tractors, and AXOS 340 CX utility tractors from CLASS (Federative Republic of Germany), the world-known agricultural machinery manufacturer, has arrived in the country.

Among those attending an arrival ceremony of the agri-machinery were senior officials and leading specialists of the domestic agroindustrial sector. The Turkmen Agricultural University hosted special seminars for young machine operators to familiarize them with performance features of the new machinery.

Last December, our country made contracts with John Deere International GmbH (Swiss Confederation) and Umax Trade GmbH (FRG) for purchasing large consignments of agri-machinery.

In particular, during the grain-harvesting campaign, scores of new John Deere W540 and TUCANO 430 grain harvesters (which had been put at the disposal of local farmers) worked in the fields. 400 John Deere 8245R tractors are expected to arrive before the plowing season; 200 John Deere 9970 cotton harvesters will be delivered by the start of cotton-harvesting. The same number of cotton harvesters will arrive in Turkmenistan for a 2018 cotton-harvesting campaign.

In turn, Umax Trade GmbH will supply farm machinery, manufactured by CLASS and other leading European companies, to Turkmenistan in the next two years. During the first stage, in 2017, 200 Axion 850 row-crop tractors, 200 TUCANO grain harvesters, 200 EurOpal 95 ? 100 ploughs, 500 AXOS 340 CX tractors, 500 SL TM 360 grain seeding machines, 20 different-type dredgers will be delivered to our country.

The next stage, in 2018, envisages supplies of 300 Axion 850 row-crop tractors, 300 TUCANO 430 grain harvesters, 300 ploughs, 500 AXOS 340 CX row-crop tractors, 500 SL TM 360 grain seeding machines, and 30 dredgers. During the third stage, in 2019-2020, 300 row-crop tractors, 400 grain harvesters, 300 ploughs, 550 tillage tractors, 550 seeding machines, and others are expected to be supplied.

The farm machinery supplied to our country is rigorously pre-tested to make sure that it can work efficiently given the local soil and climatic conditions. New John Deere and CLAAS tractors have successfully undergone field tests and demonstrated their definite advantage.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper