John Deere International GmbH to Supply 1350 Units of Equipment Until 2020

As reported earlier, at the Government session held on 5 May, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was informed of the preparation for the grain harvesting season by the Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan in charge of the country's agriculture, E.Orazgeldiyev. New equipment, John Deere W540 grain combine harvesters, whose first batch of about 50 units has already arrived in Turkmenistan, will be used during the upcoming harvesting campaign.

Today the welcoming ceremony took place for the field ships that have arrived at their new home. It was attended by heads and representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and its subdivisions; the globally recognized machine manufacturer, John Deere; respected elders; farmers; machinery operators; students of specialized universities etc.

John Deere combine harvesters that have been working at our country's fields for many years are a vivid example of a mutually beneficial cooperation with the major foreign companies. By introducing the new combine harvesters with superior specifications to the Turkmen market, the American developers yet again demonstrated the power of the new machines and the prospects of the future partnership. The first batch, about 50 combine harvesters improved as requested by Turkmen customers, will be distributed among farms where they are awaited by operators. Soon, by the start of the grain harvesting season, another batch of over 100 units of high capacity equipment will arrive in the country.

The next step involves the supply of 400 units of John Deere 8245R tractors by the harvesting season in June-July. 200 units of John Deere 9970 cotton combine harvesters are expected to be supplied by the beginning of the cotton harvesting campaign in August-September. Just as many combines of this design will arrive in Turkmenistan for the 2018 campaign.

Under the Decree of the head of state, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, at the order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, by 2020 John Deere International GmbH will supply the total of 1350 units of modern equipment in three stages. In addition to that, under the relevant agreement, large batches of ploughs; seed planters; spare parts, components and consumables will be supplied.

Equipment maintenance works are conducted both locally and in service centers established in every province. The servicemen underwent trainings in Europe and the USA. The practice of regularly training Turkmen specialists at the company's service fields in Turkmenistan and in training centers under manufacturing plants has also proved successful. Lessons covering proper use of the new machinery are conducted; special courses and lectures are also organized in our specialized universities.

All this facilitates the high-efficiency use of John Deere agricultural machinery arriving in the country. According to our farmers, the machinery has proved itself reliable in Turkmenistan's natural (soil, climate) conditions.

All modifications of agricultural machinery made available to local operators have been successfully tested and undergone field tests that credibly demonstrated their advantages. At the same time, the new combine harvesters comply with European environmental standards; provide better working conditions for the operator; are easy to manage, and equipped with electronics that control its processes.

However, the enhancement of the technical background of the local agri-business is not confined to that. According to the information of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, in the next two years Umachs Trading GmbH will supply the following machinery to Turkmenistan: 200 units of Axion 850 plowing tractors; 200 units of TUCANO 430 grain combine harvesters; just as many EurOpal 95 H 100 ploughs; 500 units of AXOS 340 XC and SL TM 360 seed planters, as well as 20 dredges of various brands at the first stage.

At the second stage in 2018, another 300 units of Axion 850 plowing tractors; 300 units of TUCANO 430 grain combine harvesters; 300 ploughs; 500 units of AXOS 340 XC and SL TM 360 seed planters will be supplied. All batched will be completed with the full package of spare parts and consumables.

The third stage is scheduled for 2019-2020. It includes the supply of 300 plowing tractors; 400 grain combine harvesters; 300 ploughs; 550 tractors for land cultivation; just as many seed planters; and 45 dredges.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper