Joy diminished. Turkmenistan down 20 positions in the Happiness Rating

World report on happiness in 2019" compiled by UN agencies to find sustainable development solutions.

The study covers 156 countries. In making assessments, GDP per capita, life expectancy, support for the poor, generosity, respect for citizens' freedoms and corruption are taken into account.

If a year earlier Turkmenistan occupied the 68th place in the list, then this year the country dropped to 87th.

Neighbors in the region took: Uzbekistan - the 40th place, Kazakhstan - the 60th, Tajikistan - the 74th and Kyrgyzstan - the 86th.

The happiest countries are Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland and the Netherlands.

The most miserable people live in Rwanda, Tanzania, Afghanistan, the Central African Republic and South Sudan.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan