Kasymberdy Garayev assured Radio “Azatlyk” journalists that everything is fine with me

The news outlet Turkmen news reported Kasymberdy Garayev, who confessed he was gay in late October, has not contacted his friends for over a month and has not been seen at his work place and the English language courses, he had previously attended.

Following this publication, journalists of Radio Azatlyk again contacted the Garayevs who assured that everything was fine with the young man. Via a video call the correspondents managed to talk to Kasymberdy, too. According to him, he is still working and all the statements about him are false.

Azatlyk mentions that the conversation with the young man was held in presence of the entire family and an unidentified man, who was introduced as a relative. There was no opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation with Kasymberdy.

The young man's father, Maksat Garayev, said that Kasymberdy is not gay, and refers to the incident as a provocation and revenge and added that Kasymberdy's Telegram, Instagram and Facebook accounts had been hacked and false reports had been posted on his behalf.

Maksat Garayev also reported that now his son has new accounts in Facebook and Instagram, which he personally supervisors.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan