Key directions of the country development are discussed at the session of the Government

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held regular session of the Cabinet of Ministers where topical issues of the state life were discussed.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers G. Myradov reported on the situation in the sphere under his supervision and on the fulfilment of the assignments given by the President earlier. The information about practical measures undertaken for the improvement of regulatory and legal base of financial and banking sphere was also presented.

Summing up the report, the Head of the State focused the attention on the importance of timely completion of the activities outlined in reformation programmes, which are aimed at steadfast economic growth of the country and improvement of the wellbeing of the population. It is necessary to hold under control the implementation of fundamental reforms and make continuous monitoring and analysis of the work in all directions, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, having addressed the Vice-premier with relative assignments.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers O. Gurbannazarov reported on the situation in trade sphere, on provision of local market with quality consumer goods in wide variety as well as informed about the work of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs in this sphere.

Having noted the necessity to pay special attention to the culture of serving the customers as well as to put all efforts for satisfaction of the demand growth of the population on various goods and for provision of food abundance in trade outlets, the President of Turkmenistan gave specific assignments on organization of celebration sale to the vice-premier.

In his turn, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Babayev made report on the situation in structural divisions of fuel and energy complex of the country and on realization of the Programme of the Development of oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan until 2030.

The Vice-premier also informed about the outcomes of the sixth session of Turkmen � Romanian Working Committee on cooperation in energy sphere in Ashgabat on November 27. The perspectives of further consolidation of bilateral trade and economic relation were reviewed during the meeting. Large potential for the partnership in oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan including in the field development of Turkmen shelf of Caspian Sea, oil and gas processing and petrochemisry was noted.

Having listened to the report, the Head of the State stressed the attention on the key aspects of the implementation of National energy strategy aimed at intensive development and modernization of national oil and gas industry based on implementation of innovative technologies, expansion of industrial infrastructure of oil and gas complex optimal realization of colossal hydrocarbon potential of the country and activation of beneficial cooperation with all interested partners.

Having highlighted the importance of thorough well thought integrated approach to the solution of objectives in this sphere, the President of Turkmenistan gave number of relative assignments to the Vice-premier.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers D. Amangeldiyev reported on the work carried out in the spheres under his control as well as on the fulfilment of the assignments given by the Head of the State earlier on further modernization of energy and construction complexes, improvement of the activity of municipal services and urban planning of Ashgabat.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the State makes all condition for bringing domestic construction industry to new levels drawing large investments for realization of big branch projects. It is necessary not just to increase industrial powers but also to intensify organizational measures, which are to provide high level of works performed by national construction companies.

The achievements of set targets will allow making our country as industrial state, dynamically developing of the economy on its way to diversification. Having noted the necessity of the solution of these objectives by efficient use of modern equipment, implementation of advanced technologies and establishment innovative production structures, the President addressed thee Vice-premier with number of assignments on this account.

The Head of the State also highlighted the importance of coordinated work of all links of the municipal services for further improvement of social and living conditions of the population, having requested to hold this subject under permanent control.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers B. Annameredov reported on the work of the branches of transport and communication complexes under his supervision. The Vice-premier made report of the fulfilment of the assignments given by the Head of the State previously on the improvement of the activity of railway, air, automobile and other transports in accordance with time demands as well as on consolidation and modernization of equipment and facilties base of the branches.

Summing up the report, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that the advantages of geographic location of Turkmenistan allow the country beneficially using national transport resources for the provision of Eurasian connections.

Having emphasized the development of modern transport and communication infrastructure of the country, the President requested to use comprehensively all the capabilities and addressed the Vice-premier with number of specific instructions.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers A. Garajayev reported on the preparation to cultural events and opening of social and cultural facilities planned for the first winter month as well as to the Days of Culture of Turkish Republic on December 5 � 6.

Representative delegation comprising of the art and culture masters of friendly country will take part in coming event. The Programme of event includes the meeting of the representatives of creative people, organization of the exhibition of decorative and applied art of fraternal national, photo exposition and other. The cultural programme including the visits to museums and places of interest of Turkmen capital was prepared for the guests.

Having noted that Turkmenistan pays great attention to the development of trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations with Turkish Republic, the President expressed the confidence that coming Days of Culture of fraternal country would serve to further improvement of fruitful interstate relations.

During the session, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov signed the Resolution on release of B. Abdiyeva from the post of the Deputy Minister of Culture due to transfer to another work and on the appointment of N. Shirimov to this position.

Deputy Chairman of the cabinet of Ministers S. Toyliyev reported on the elaboration of the State Programme of scientific and research works and excavations of historical and cultural monuments located in Turkmenistan along the Great Silk Road, study and popularization of cultural heritage in 2018 � 2021.

The project of the above-mentioned Programme was elaborated for the fulfilment of the assignments given by the Head of the State on organization of international archaeological studies in our country and organization of the events under the slogan of 2018 Turkmenistan, the Heart of the Great Silk Road.

The Programme stipulates the study of the monuments along the ancient route based on archaeological, ethnographic, historical and literature data, formation of innovative system for study of national heritage, improvement of intellectual potential of the society and training of the specialist with modern mentality as well as the development of international scientific relations and expansion of the cooperation with foreign scientific and research centres and involvement of famous scientists in archaeological excavations in our country.

Having approved presented Programme, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted the importance of such researches in historical science and opening of new pages of glorious chronicle of our nation, which is thousand years old. The Head of the State also noted the importance of systematic approach to the study of the historical monuments of Turkmenistan, their protection as integral part of cultural heritage of the whole humankind and unique source of valuable information, introduction of the outcomes of field works to scientific circulation.

Turkmen leader said that update of the methods of professional training of the specialist of museum and popularization activity by implementing new computer technologies, development of modern information and reference systems, databases, internet resources allowing to give an international format to the process and gave relative instructions on this account.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers, Foreign Minister R. Meredov made a report on the preparation to the session of the foreign ministers of Caspian states in Moscow on December 4 � 5.

It was mentioned that Turkmenistan under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov carries out large-scale work for consolidation of constructive cooperation with neighbouring countries in Caspian Sea and in overall beneficial partnership in this region. Creative initiatives proposed by Turkmen leader in this direction became considerable contribution to the formation of solid treaty and legal basis of multisectoral cooperation in the Caspian.

Thus, important international documents including the Agreement on protection and rational use of water biological resources of Caspian Sea and Agreement on Cooperation in prevention and mitigation of emergency situations in Caspian Sea were elaborated and adopted based on the proposals of the Head of the State. Our country also actively supported the final aligning the text of the Agreement on cooperation in hydrometeorology of Caspian Sea.

The subjects related to the agenda of the V Summit of the Heads of Caspian States will be reviewed during coming session on Foreign Ministers level. In the relation, special attention is to be paid to the Draft Convention of the legal status of Caspian Sea. It is also planned to continue the discussion and consultations on the projects of five-party documents related to various directions of cooperation in the Caspian including the Agreement of cooperation in trade and economic sphere and transport sector initiated by the President of Turkmenistan during the IV Caspian Summit in Astrakhan.

Summing up the report, the Head of the State highlighted that the subjects related to the Caspian are important vector of foreign course of our country, which is built on the principles of peace-loving, good neighbourliness and equal constructive cooperation. Turkmenistan attaches great importance to the consolidation of traditionally friendly relations with the nations of Caspian states united by centuries-old historical and cultural relations.

Caspian region is one of the most important geopolitical and economic centres in Eurasian space, its strategic energy and transport and communication hub. In this context, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that neutral Turkmenistan holds active and initiative position in negotiation process on Caspian Sea affairs and on the development of the concept of its legal status.

Continuing the session, the President of Turkmenistan called to Chairperson of the Mejlis A. Nurderdiyeva, Deputy Chairmen of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev and M. Aydogdiyev who are currently on working trip in Lebap velayat by direct conference call.

First, the information of the Head of National Parliament about organizational work for the implementation of the Mejlis Resolution on administrative and territorial division of Lebap velayat adopted during the 25th session of the highest legislation body of the country as well as about the fulfilment of the assignments of the Head of the State given in this regard was listened to.

It was mentioned that do large work on the sites for explanation of the meaning and essence of this document and other bills.

Having listened to the information, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov focused the attention on the importance of further modernization of national legal and regulatory base in the context of the fulfilment of set strategic goals for the improvement of administrative and territorial arrangements of the country.

The head of the State also highlighted the necessity of efficient realization of the responsibilities by the deputies in solution of the issues of social and economic development of the regions and their active participation in work for upbringing of young generation and propaganda of healthy life style.

After, Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers E. Orazgeldiyev reported on organizational work held under reorganization of administrative and territorial division of Lebap Velayat, merging of etraps and cities and other changes.

It was informed that appropriate measures on the amendments of the Land Cadastre are taken by Turkmenertaslama State Project Institute of the State Committee on Natural Protection and Land Resources. The specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management, velayat and etraps administrations solve the issues of efficient use of irrigation systems and drainage collectors.

Summing up the report, President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlighted again that the improvement of administrative and territorial structure of the country has to support steadfast social and economic development of the regions and increase the efficiency of work of local administrations. Speaking of this, the Head of the State ordered to provide coordinated activity of relative structures of Lebap Velayat and operational response to all the issues.

Deputy Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers M. Aydogdiyev reported on the fulfilment of the assignments given by the President related to the formation of innovative industrial infrastructure in our country and on the work of industrial enterprises of the velayat.

Having highlighted the necessity of responsible approach to the solution of the objectives for the development of chemical industry, the President of Turkmenistan focused the attention of such aspect as the increase of production powers.

Number of other issues of the State life, on which relative decisions were taken, has been reviewed at the session of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Source: State News Agency of Turkmenistan