Key directions of the state policy in new publication of Politics and Society magazine

The 6th issues of 2018 Politics and Society scientific and theoretical magazine, which is printed by the Archive Fund of the President of Turkmenistan of the General Archive Department under the Cabinet of Ministers of the country, was published. The magazine highlights the main directions of the state policy, publishes information and analytical materials opening the meaning and character of big reforms.

2018, which was held under slogan Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road, was marked by numerous important events indicating successful advancement of the country along the way of social, economic and democratic reforms, steadfast implementation of the programmes aimed at the modernization and digitization of the economy, transit to marketing relations, improvement of the system of the government administration, expansion of human potential by the development of education, health protection and sports.

Last year has also been marked with further improvement of international authority of neutral Turkmenistan, enhancement of its geopolitical and geo-economic potential. This subject was reflected in the article dedicated to the growing role of our country in global processes. The publication highlights that it was promoted by constructive initiatives proposed by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at the 73rd session of the UN General Assembly, at the Summit of the Heads of Caspian States in Aktau and at the Summit of the Heads of the States - Founders of International Fund for Saving of Aral Sea.

Chairing of Turkmenistan in IFAS and in the Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation Programme (CAREC) in 2018 gave new dynamics and international expansion to the their activity. In particular, it was proven by the fact of adoption of the UN General Assembly Resolution on Cooperation between the United Nations Organization and Intenrational Fund for Saving of Aral Sea initiated by Turkmen side.

One of the articles is dedicated to the first session of the People's Council of Turkmenistan, which embodies primordial national traditions of people's power and universal democratic principles. Decisions made at nation-wide forum outlined the main vectors of social and economic development of the country based on intensification of market reforms, rational use of natural resources, enhancement of intellectual and spiritual potential of the society.

Economic policy section speaks about new measures for structural change and diversification of national economy in 2018, successful implementation of the government programmes of import substitution and increment of export of local goods. Strategic fuel and energy sector, in which together with increment of hydrocarbons production and formation of multidimensional system of export, special attention is paid to modernization of profile facilities, opening of high technological scientifically based production facilities, has entered new level.

Material, which is about the integration of our country into international transport system, is also offered to the readers. Integrated measures for development of relative ramified infrastructure support the strengthening of positions of Turkmenistan as strategic transit and transport hub in the heart of new Silk Road, new Turkmenbashy International Port, airport in Turkmenabat, Serhetabat � Turgundy railroad, which were opened in 2018, became important links of regional and intercontinental transport corridors, which support the formation of new configuration of Eurasian cargo flows and activation of regional and world trade.

Number of measures, which have been taken together with the partners for implementation of five-side Agreement on Afghanistan � Turkmenistan � Azerbaijan � Georgia � Turkey transport corridor ( Lapis Lazuli Route), is a visual indication of the activity of our country in this direction.

The magazine has also published an article dedicated to the publication of new books of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov Worhsiping Mother � Worshiping Sacred Thing, Turkmenistan � the Heart of the Great Silk Road (secoond volume), Turkmenistan toward the Sustainable Development Goals, Herbal Plants of Turkmenistan (volume 10).

The magazine also includes an article dedicated to the search of the ways of peace, stability and common security, which is one of the main requirements f humanity and every state. For this purpose, Turkmenistan has made a unique model of neutrality, by thus making significant contribution to the implementation of the human doctrine of humanity and security of development.

Practice of Turkmenistan in achievement of the Sustainable development Goals. Provision of Gender Equality � this is the name of the article, which gives analysis of promotion of the idea of gender equality in our country. it cites the Leader of the nation that provision of rights and interests of women, support of family and maternity are important indicators of the level of progress of the society.

The role of mass media as an important means of mobilization of people for solution of specific objectives and formation of high ideological and political merits of the citizens was the subject of another article. The Leader of the nation considers efficient use of informational segment in all spheres as an integral component of the state politics.

Important role of mass media is provided by the fact that by the level of its popularity and influence on individual and mass minds, it provide single informational field. It is very important for the formation of national outlook, ideological and political education of the citizens Currency and content of the articles of annual edition provide the necessity of the magazine for specialists. At the same time, owing to various themes and educational content of materials published in Turkmen and Russian languages, the issue of Politics and Society magazine is also interesting for wide reading auditorium.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper